What is the Society of Young Publishers?

Established in 1949, the Society of Young Publishers (SYP) is open to anyone in publishing or a related trade (in any capacity) – or who is hoping to be soon. Originally aimed at the 18-35 age bracket, we realised that many people are looking to change careers at any stage of life. As such, anyone interested in or working in the publishing industry is welcome to join the Society. The only exception is that those who have been in the industry for more than 10 years are not able to stand on the committee. We have many branches of the SYP – London, Oxford, North/Midlands, South West, Ireland and Scotland – each offering all the services and opportunities outlined below. You can use the tabs above to see what is going on in each of the regional branches.

The Society of Young Publishers is a voluntary organisation and is run by the four regional committees of dedicated volunteers who give up their spare time to help others take their first steps into the industry and progress within it. All members are particularly encouraged to join the committee or become otherwise involved in the running of the society. Getting involved is the best way to make new friends, meet new contacts and increase your skill set for getting into, and progressing in, the publishing industry.

What do I get if I join?

Speaker Meetings

Every month, or every two months in some regions, the SYP discusses a topic of relevance to the current publishing scene. Guest speakers are drawn from a wide background and we try to balance the meetings so that different opinions are represented. Check the website regularly for details of forthcoming events, though these will also be detailed in our events emails and branch-specific Facebook pages. Entrance is usually free to members, with a fee for non-members. Your membership automatically covers meetings in all UK regions.

Social Events

The SYP organises regular social events which are attended by people with varying degrees of experience in the industry. Previous social events have included visits to book-related exhibitions, literary pub crawls, and Stand Up for Books with literary performances from well-known and up-and-coming authors. These events are the ideal opportunity to make new contacts in the industry, learn about other people’s roles and how they got there, and explore your publishing-related interests with fellow aficionados.


The SYP’s magazine (3–4 issues a year), mailed free to members, keeps you up to date with SYP activities and what’s going on in the rest of publishing. InPrint provides a selection of articles, guest interviews and reports, and acts as a platform for the interchange of opinion and ideas. All members are welcome to contribute articles or get involved with the running of the magazine.


PressForward is the SYP’s online blog, featuring write-ups and reviews of publishing events, interviews with key figures in the industry, and all the news on what the SYP has coming up soon.

Job Database

This is a free service available to members. We receive regular notice of vacancies and fight for #bookjobtransparency, and more information can be found here. Contact the Digital Content Officer to notify us of a forthcoming position in your company. Please note that as we are not an employment agency and so we do not guarantee any level of response nor do we vet applicants or potential employers.

Trade Discounts

The SYP frequently secures competitive discounts for its members on training courses, subscriptions and events, including:

Free introductory month and 50% off Bookbrunch subscription
10% discount in Foyles
50% off London Book Fair Tickets
Select subsidised courses with the Publishing Training Centre
Regular offers from Writers & Artists

We are always negotiating further deals for our members so please keep an eye out on our website and member emails!

Annual Conferences

The SYP organises two annual all-day conferences involving lectures and workshops run by senior industry figures on various aspects and skills relevant to working in publishing. The Spring conference takes place in Edinburgh every March, and the Autumn conference normally takes place in November and alternates between Oxford and London. There is a fee for this event, but SYP members are entitled to a discount.

And More..!

The SYP is forever expanding its activities and services: we hold regular social events, many of our events offer careers advice, and we endeavour to form links and partnerships with other publishing organisations. We are always looking to broaden our services to members and welcome any ideas or assistance.

How much does it cost to join?

£30 annual subscription (£24 for students or unwaged) for individual membership, or £18 for a digital membership. The outline of each of these can be found here.

I signed up for membership but have recently moved. Do I need to sign up to a different the branch closest to where I live now?

No! Signing up for SYP membership covers all of our branches around the UK and Ireland. So whether you’re in town for the evening, or have moved to a new region, you qualify for all membership events and offers.

How can I update my address?

Simply log into your account and on the left-hand side of the menu, you will find an ‘Addresses’ tab. Here you can edit and update your address.

How do I renew my membership?

Log in to your account and select ‘renew membership’ from the menu on the left-hand side. Even if your membership has expired, your details will still work to access this page. Please do not try to create a new account using the same email address as this will not work.

Can I change my username?

Whilst you can edit your name, email and postal address, this is the piece of information that our system identifies your account by and cannot be edited after sign up.

I bought a ticket for an event but I didn’t receive a confirmation of my booking. What should I do?

We often find that our messages end up in people’s junk folder. Please check here first and if you still can’t find one, please email the relevant branch using our Contact Us form and the will be able to check your booking for you. We usually have names on the door so getting in without your email should not be a problem.

I requested a new password but I have not yet received the link to reset it. What should I do?

We often find that our messages end up in people’s junk folder. Please check here first and if you still can’t find one, please email our Membership Secretary on membersec@thesyp.org.uk and they will be able to assist.

I’d like to get experience in publishing, do you offer work experience?

Unfortunately not. We are an organisation run by volunteers who have full-time jobs within the industry so we don’t have an office, nor are we able to offer work experience. We are, however, a society that supports people getting into the industry and those in the early years of their career and would encourage you to take a closer look at our website to see what we do offer in way of advice.

I have an unpublished manuscript, can you help me find an agent or publisher?

We are a society dedicated to getting people into and ahead with careers in publishing, as opposed to those hoping to get published (although they are sometimes the same thing!). We are not a publishing company ourselves and cannot publish your work or actively connect you with those who can. You may meet people through our events that can help and advise you on your way, but we would thoroughly recommend you look at the Writers & Artists’ Yearbook for a comprehensive list of agents who can help you.

Any further questions?

Do get in touch! There is a contact form here, or you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.