Applications Now Open for Volunteering on the SYP Committee 2018

Posted on November 5, 2017 in Ireland, London, News & Reviews, North, Oxford, Scotland

Are you passionate about the publishing industry?
Do you enjoy attending SYP events, reading our quarterly magazine InPrint, or following our work online?

Then we want to hear from you!

The SYP are delighted to announce that applications are now open for those wishing to volunteer as a member of the SYP committee in 2018.

Regional committees are accepting applications in the following areas of the UK:

SYP London – applications open now until Monday 27th November 2017
SYP Oxford – applications open now until Friday 15th December 2017
SYP North – applications open now until Friday 15th December 2017
SYP Ireland – applications open now until Friday 15th December 2017
SYP UK (those from around the UK can apply) – applications open now until Friday 15th December 2017

For all committees (apart from the UK committee) you must be based in the region that you’re applying to. Those applying for regional Chairs must have served on the committee previously, and the UK Chair must be available for regular meetings and events in London.

The SYP committee
Who we are
The SYP committee is made up of volunteering publishing individuals who are in the first few years of their careers. By day, we’re working in publishing and by night we’re volunteering for the SYP. You can read up on our current committee members and what they do here on the Where We Are pages of our website.

Being a volunteer on the SYP committee entitles you to a free year of membership and the chance to gain experience and contacts within the publishing industry. Making the move into publishing can be scary, however being on the committee allows you to meet other like-minded publishing professionals, further your publishing experience and form firm friendships.

What we do
Each committee is dedicated to a different region of the UK and Ireland and within that region it’s our aim to offer publishing advice, guidance, social events and informal networking for those working in publishing or who hope to be soon.

Each volunteer’s role slightly differs on each committee, however, each committee has a team of volunteers who organise publishing events, run our marketing and social media and our university outreach. For a full breakdown of roles by region please visit the Volunteer page:

Before you apply please note the following:

The SYP operate as a team and each team member must be fully dedicated to their role on the committee.

To be on the SYP committee is a commitment: each committee member is required to attend a monthly committee meeting plus events and additional meetings and so we ask that only those who feel they have the time to volunteer for the committee apply.

Each member serves on the committee for a full year. At the end of the year, you’ll have the option to apply for another year on the committee however no committee member can exceed three years on any of the SYP committees.

The Application Process
Applications must be made via the application form at the bottom of the Volunteer page. Please read the role descriptions carefully before applying.

You’re welcome to apply for more than one role on any of the committees, however, please submit a separate application form per role on the committee and state in your application your order of preference e.g. 1st choice, London Head of Events, 2nd choice, London Events Coordinator, and so on.

You can apply for any role on the committee, however, to apply for a chair or co-chair position you must have been on the SYP committee for at least one year.

Further applications will not be accepted once the deadline for applications has passed.

What happens next
Once your application has been received you’ll be hearing from the SYP committee chair for that region on whether your application has been successful.

Historically the SYP receive a huge number of applications for each region and so we’re unable to give individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.

There is the possibility that you may be asked to meet with the new chair or chairs for a brief interview before your application is accepted. Different committees will have a different time-scale for this, however, the chair of that region will be able to advise.

If your application has been successful and you’ve made it on to the committee your new chair will be in touch to congratulate you and to let you know when the SYP AGM will be taking place in your region. It is at this that your new role on the committee will be announced (it’s a great chance to meet your fellow committee members too!)

We look forward to reading your applications over the coming weeks!

Good luck!