London SYP Book Club

Monthly Book Club organised by The Society of Young Publishers committee in the bustling heart of London City. Turn up to the cosy and popular bar The Sun Tavern and share your thoughts on the book of the month... Wile away the hours sipping tea (or cocktails!) and have a good old argument about plot, character, genre and anything else that comes to mind. Each month is a different genre and you can put your favourite book forward for reading via our twitter feed. Details will be put on the London 'Events' page each month and please feel free to message the Book Club Coordinator (form below) for any more information or questions you might have. *Named as one of London's top 6 book clubs by Indigo Memoirs. See the article here.

  • Monday 24th April (Please note that book club has moved to the fourth week of April due to the Easter bank holiday weekend)
  • Time: 7-8 pm
  • Venue: The Sun Tavern, Covent Garden


 April 2017 Book Club

(Genre: Historical Fiction)

'When We Were Orphans' by Kazuo Ishiguro



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