SYP South West: 2021 Mentorship Scheme Testimonials

Posted on April 30, 2022 in South West


“Mentoring has been a positive and rewarding experience. My mentee was professional in her communication, and our conversations were always enjoyable. I feel we managed a balance of hands-on practical work (looking through job applications, etc) alongside more general industry knowledge-sharing and conversations around personal motivation. I wish my mentee all the very best – she has so much to offer the industry and I know she’ll make a success of the opportunities that come her way.”

(Lynda Cooper – Lecturer in Publishing, University of Plymouth)

“I really enjoyed the experience. It was great to share ideas and offer advice to someone who was so committed to a career in publishing and delightful to see them prove successful in their job search. We met more or less once a month for the duration of the programme which worked well and plan to keep in touch with occasional meetings going forward.”

(Anonymous mentor)


“Really rewarding! It was great to speak to someone outside of my company, to get another perspective on the industry, but also to speak to someone further on in their career who had lots of experience and advice to share. It made me more confident in my current role, and also feel better equipped to go forward in to the role I’m aiming for.”

(Anonymous mentee)

Does the SYP mentorship scheme sound like something you could benefit from? Either as a mentor or a mentee?

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