SYP London: 2021 Mentorship Scheme Testimonials

Posted on April 30, 2022 in London


“I’ve really enjoyed being a mentor for the SYP’s 2022 Into Programme. It’s been an illuminating and rewarding experience for me (and hopefully for my mentee!), and it is a very valuable scheme for publishing hopefuls.”

(Sarah Rouse – Desk Editor and Scout, Cornerstones Literary Consultancy)

“I have really enjoyed it. It was quite intense and did take up more of my time than I had anticipated, but that was okay because it was also really fun and rewarding. It was great to see my mentee take really positive steps towards achieving their goal.”

(Anonymous mentor)


“This experience has been great. I couldn’t think of a better way to get insights into the publishing industry. I found the mentorship scheme very encouraging. I would recommend it as a safe space for whoever is interested in publishing but isn’t sure of where to start.”

(Anonymous mentee)

“I was thrilled to receive a spot in the mentorship scheme and thrilled to be paired with my mentor. I gained the confidence to take control of the sessions and I finally had a place where I could have my myriad of questions answered. It was a privilege to chat online with my mentor and be able to email them for checks on my cover letters, even on a Sunday evening! I was able to speak to people in the publishing industry who were simply lovely. It has motivated me even more to join the industry and I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity.”

(Anonymous mentee)

Does the SYP mentorship scheme sound like something you could benefit from? Either as a mentor or a mentee?

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