A day in the life of: A Marketing & Editorial Executive for a small indie publisher

Posted on December 11, 2020 in Uncategorized

Aisling Holling on a typical day in her role as a Marketing & Editorial Executive
Working for a small publisher means my remit is pretty broad. When you are part of a small team, everyone has to chip in with a bit of everything. Therefore, my days are very varied.
Today, for example, I made a very strong cup of tea and started clearing my inbox at around 9am. Pleasantly, for a Monday, there weren’t many, and several were from myself. Since reading and reading about literature is also a hobby of mine, I frequently email myself links to articles or thoughts about books I’m reading or upcoming titles when they pop into my head. I’ve found this to be a good way of capturing those stray thoughts when they come, whilst simultaneously filing them in my brain as a Monday job. Work-life-balance is everything when your job overlaps with your interests.
Once the emails are done, I head to my To Do list. Juggling various jobs for various titles can be tricky sometimes, so I rely on my lists. Reshuffling and planning to align with priorities.
I’ll then check my Social Media Schedule. Part of my remit is to maintain the social channels, so I’ll tidy up content, take photos and think about copy ready for sharing later that day.
Then onto the meaty jobs. Today, proofreading. For this title the aim is two-fold: 1. Everything needs proofreading for errors and typos after the edit and 2. I need to be familiar with the book to create a marketing plan and messaging strategy – which is next on the To Do list. This title already has a blurb, but often I will write the blurb or be needed to edit/work on it with another member of the team.
Also on the To Do list: write a cover brief for an upcoming title; write a blog post for Women in Translation month; chat to an arts venue about a digital event we are planning for Book Week Scotland; design some social assets for a mini title campaign we are sharing on social next week; write a few media pitches. Not all for today, of course. I will finish up at a reasonable time and pick up where I left off the following day.
Now we are working from home my day will often include a team catch-up via Zoom and lots of tea breaks with the cat. Pre-lockdown it would have included a cycle to and from work as well as a stroll around Media City at lunchtime.