SYP LDN speaks to J-L and Annie ahead of BRAND NEW SERIES ‘A Candid Chat With…’

Posted on October 16, 2020 in London


We LOVE a series at SYP LDN. So many of you joined us for our Career Cafes over the last few months, deciphering publishing one department at a time with a whole load of amazing industry professionals. Now, because we’re nice, we have something else for you. Think of it as a Wintery present. The days are getting darker and everything’s a bit chillier so you know, a present’s nice…

Our SYP LDN Student Outreach Officers @annieshewrote and @JadeLouisaPeps are bringing you a BRAND NEW series called A Candid Chat With… in which they’ll be speaking to publishing professionals and hopefuls, finding out their thoughts on the industry and advice for how to get into publishing.


Over to J-L and Annie:

“Interacting so much with students we came across a common refrain: we don’t actually know what publishing is like. Even for us already working in publishing there are some areas we don’t know, so, some mind mapping and a lot of tea, we came up with the A Candid Chat with… series.”

“We wanted to develop a series that helped entry level hopefuls understand that whilst the journey into publishing isn’t always smooth, it is fulfilling. The emotions felt when trying to find your way in are universally felt and there is a lot to be learned throughout the experience.”

“Each of the videos are laidback interviews with people in and outside of the publishing world, aimed at students (or anyone really!) that are interested in joining the industry. We felt that the series would be a good way for entry level hopefuls to find out information that a panel talk doesn’t always have the opportunity to delve into. We hope each interviewee will give viewers food for thought on what they can expect in their own career journeys.”

“We’re really excited about this series! Not only are our interviewees so generous with their advice but also it is so refreshing to get some open and candid advice and reflections on the publishing industry. We have had a lot of fun filming the series and would love to know more about the types of content and information job seekers would like to know. We learnt a lot doing these interviews and we hope they’re just as useful for the publishing hopefuls out there too.”

Annie and Jade-Louisa, SYP Student Outreach Officers


Keep an eye on our IGTVs over the next few weeks where we’ll be dropping an interview a day!

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Take care!