Looking forward to #SYPConf20! SYP LDN speaks to @TheStoreyBookClub

Posted on October 23, 2020 in London

Things are a little different this year! Ahead of our Turning the Page Conference in November, we’re chatting to some publishing folk you may recognise. Today, we sit down with Christina Storey, the co-creator of Publishing Hopefuls Facebook Group and founder of The Storey Book Club to see what she’s excited for ahead of Conference.


For those of us who might not know, could you please tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do in publishing?

So I’m currently the Sales and Marketing Assistant at Allison and Busby; it’s my first job in publishing and I’ve been there for two months now – it feels like the quickest two months ever! Before I got my job, and over lockdown I have done quite a few things online, such as my Instagram book club (@thestoreybookclub) and also came up with the idea and created, alongside Emma Ronan, the Publishing Hopefuls Facebook group. It is a group created for anyone who is currently searching for a job in publishing to support each other during this weird time – it’s a place to get advice, bond over books and network amongst (hopefully) future colleagues.


Have you attended an SYP Conference before? If yes, what year did you attend and how was it? If no, was there anything which put you off in previous years?

No, I haven’t actually! I was travelling in 2019 so was very zoned out from the UK publishing scene, and in 2018 I was a Waterstones bookseller and hadn’t found (or looked for) the support networks there are for young people in publishing! But I’m very excited to be ‘attending’ this year.


What are you most excited about ahead of this year’s Conference?

I’m excited for a few things really! I love the timings of the conference, it sounds silly but having it in lunch breaks and the evenings will make it very easy and accessible. I just attended the Independent Publishers Guild conference and it has just inspired me so much and given me so many new ideas that I feel like I can bring to my job so I’m excited to have that similar feeling from this conference. I think it will be good to have panels that are focused for people (like me) who are just at the start of their career. I’m so eager right now to lap up any knowledge I can so I’m just looking forward to learning from every panel.


Are there any panels in particular that you’ll be keeping an eye on? What are they and why have they caught your eye?

Yes, lots!

I think the one’s I most definitely will be tuning into are ‘The Road Less Travelled,’ ‘Started from the Bottom Now We Are Here’ and ‘Creating Community in Publishing.’ I’ll be tuning into as many as I can!

I’m really looking forward to the community in publishing panel as that is what the Publishing Hopefuls group is about, creating a community, so it will be good to get any tips and advice to how to make it the best it can be.


How do you think attending SYP Conference will support you and your publishing career going forward?

Right now, I just want to learn everything! Since starting my job I have way more questions than I did before having a job in industry. I hear or see something and I want to know about everything behind it – why, how, what, when etc. I’ve found lots of online events really useful to just build up my terminology and wider publishing knowledge and I think this conference will definitely help with that.  It will also just be lovely to connect with everyone over Twitter throughout it – although we can’t meet each other in person, social media can do wonders!


Join us on the 9th-13th November. Have you got your tickets yet? Head over to our shiny new Conference website and grab yours!