Why you should join the SYP: Maria Vassilopoulos, The Bookseller

Posted on October 25, 2015 in London, News & Reviews, North, Oxford, Scotland

I first came into contact with The Society of Young Publishers when a colleague of mine at the publisher I worked for took me to a social. I was nearing my first 10 years working with books by that point but I could still see that it would be worth joining for the networking alone.

The next contact with the London branch of the SYP came when I took up managing Jobs in Books at The Bookseller. I got in touch via email and met with the then chair Lottie Chase. She was finishing her tenue at the top and Helen Youngs was about to take the helm. Both worked in their own time to accommodate me and The Bookseller and we gradually started working together.

Anna Cunnane is current chair for the London vein and has been, like her predecessors full of ideas, great to partner with and as with Lottie and Helen a brilliant contact for me in the future. To be chair of the SYP means to have such vigour and passion for the publishing industry that these three will no doubt go on to do many more amazing things.

For the non-London publishing community there is a Scotland and of course an Oxford branch and they are all incredibly active on social media and organising their own events throughout the year. This really is a place for those that have started out in the publishing world to make those contacts that will last them through their careers, learn via the events and conferences and most importantly be part of a community of not just publishing professionals but also book lovers, bloggers, readers, debaters and new skill learners.

They have their own industry topic-led members magazine called In Print which comes out every quarter and tackles the latest debates and issues in the wider publishing world. Every year the London branch has their swearing-in of a new committee at Stationers Hall in the City of London. Members old and new attend and it’s an evening full of celebrating the previous year and meeting the new team that will work in their own time to bring SYP members value and carry on the tradition.

If you are thinking of joining the Society of Young Publishers, it’s a very good investment and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. I will continue to support and promote events @Jobsinbooks so please follow me and get involved with upcoming events and bring your career in publishing to life.