Catalonian Poetry event- (Society of Young Publishers, North, Committee- and Arc Publications)

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The fourth Society of Young Publishers (North) committee event- in collaboration with Arc Publications- took place at The Outlaws Yacht Club on 15th October.

After the introduction to the event by Anna Crowe, poet and translator who also founded St Anza in 1998, the Catalonian poets Manuel Forcano and Josep Lluis Aguilo read a collection of their poetry  in Catalan. Manuel read his poems first and Josep followed; each speaker read his poems, before an English translation was given after each one. Anna translated Joseph’s and Ben Styles translated Manuels’.

Topics of the evening were, as ever, wide ranging. Josep’s topics ranged from exploring a journey through an attic as a child views it (The Attic), a focus on the Ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur in a poem of the same name (Minotaur), a poem about the process of writing and what gets in the way and remembering your writing-focus in your mind (I Have Lost a Few Lines). Josep also read his The Devil’s Bridges.   Manuel’s read-poems also had a range of topics within them, from a focus on Jewish history in Walking Through The Call, a night-time wonder to the kitchen and focusing on the flower-prints on the tiles in At Night, and the notion of out remembering a loved one and then completely forgetting about them (explored through an analogy). Manuel also gave a reading of his poem entitled Late.  

The audience was treated to an interesting and moving array of poetry from the Catalonian culture, and the evening amounted to and insightful look at the poetry of two unique places of Majorca (Josep) and Barcelona (Manuel), enjoyed by all.


Society of Young Publishers (North) committee and Northern Lights.

In other Society of Young Publishers (North) committee news, the committee was also involved in a Northern Lights conference in (city) on (date).

Wes Brown, Co-Chair of the Society of Young Publishers (North) committee said this about the committee’s involvement…. “The opening panel’s reservations about self-publishing (quite apart from E.L. James’ literary infelicities, her success is the rarest of exceptions to the general rule) might have blanketed the D.I.Y. Press panel with the damp of caution. That it did not owed much to the tripartite enthusiasm and youthful momentum of Wes Brown of Dead Ink Books, Jamie McGarry of Valley Press and Emma Wright of The Emma Press.”


Amanda Lynsdale