Writers from across the Globe to write novel in 24 hours –

Posted on February 16, 2012 in News & Reviews

On 29th February 2012 – a date steeped in superstition, that only comes around every 4 years – four teams of writers and editors in London, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Vancouver, will create a unique novel, written by multiple authors, operating in different time zones and countries, to be launched on World Book Day, 1st March 2012.

Initiated by Spread the Word, funded by Arts Council England, and produced by writer and Ministry of Stories co-founder, Ben Payne, and writer Sarah Butler, the International 24 Hour book utilises the creative potential of the internet, and explores the possibilities for collaborative writing on a global scale.

A core team of 5-8 professional writers will operate in each country. The writing will take place between 10am-10pm GMT, on 29th February 2012, with on hand digital support from Chris Meade of if:Book. At 10pm, the book will be handed over to our volunteer editorial team from The Society of Young Publishers to dot the I-s and cross the T-s, and to Alistair Hall of We Made This to put the finishing touches to the design. The book will be launched as a downloadable e-book at 12 midday on World Book Day, 1st March with any proceeds going to charity.

Spread the Word are inviting people to submit ideas and images to inspire and guide the writing teams. We are asking people to tweet their answer the question: “What would you do with an extra day” in 140 characters, using the hashtag #24hourbook, by 28th February. People are also being encouraged to ‘donate’ images from the relevant cities that could feature in or inspire the story.

The public will be able to follow the writers’ progress, and help them along on the day, by following #24hourbook on Twitter, and by ‘liking’ the project’s Facebook page.

If you would like to be involved in the project there are still opportunities to be on the Editorial team of the London group. For more information or to volunteer email Ben Payne.