AGM 2012 – Proposed Amendments to the SYP Constitution

Posted on January 13, 2012 in News & Reviews

There are now just a couple of days remaining until our 2012 AGM and Publishers’ Question Time! If you haven’t already signed up for what promises to be a rip-roaring debate, head on over to the event page to register now.

A society is nothing without the strong foundations provided by its constitution, and we’re preparing to make some changes to ours to reflect our status as a modern organisation with thriving regional branches. We’ll be talking you through the proposed changes at the AGM, but if you can’t make it or you’d like to have a read-through in advance, you can find details of the changes below and the constitution here. Please send any feedback to
We look forward to seeing lots of you at Stationers’ Hall on Monday 16th.

Proposed changes

1.1 Add details of the North/Midlands and Scotland branches to this article.

2.1 Remove the age restriction on joining and change the guideline to people within the first 10 years of their publishing career.

2.4 & 2.5 Remove both of these clauses regarding corporate membership since the scheme is no longer active.

5.7 Amend the limits to percentages more appropriate for the Oxford, North/Midlands and Scotland committees to reflect that the number of employers in those regions is more limited than in London.

7.5 Update the procedure for changing the amount of the subscription fee to reviewing and altering based on a committee vote.

10.1 Include the reports from the North/Midlands and Scotland AGMs in this article.

11 This section will be duplicated for the North/Midlands and Scotland committees.

12.1 The North/Midlands and Scotland branches will be included in this clause regarding funding meeting arrangements with them having 3 and 2 representatives/votes respectively.

16.4 The text of this clause needs to be updated to read “˜in accordance with Clause 16′ (although the whole document will need renumbering after these changes).