Films that just shouldn't have been made!

Posted on October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone loves going to the cinema, I mean who doesn’t? But we all run the risk of being heavily disappointed when we make that crucial decision to watch a film adaptation of our favourite book. Whether we come out feeling relieved or betrayed, we all have the same conversation on the way home which generally goes along the lines "It was so different from the book…the book is waaay better!” With the recent release of One Day and Anne Hathaway’s tragic attempt at a Yorkshire accent, we asked members of the SYP committee which of their favourite books they wished had never been made into films.

“I think that The Golden Compass should never have been made into a film as it does not do the book justice and the film finished on a cliff hanger with no second film to back it up!”
Naomi, Vice Chair

“I feel strongly about the film adaptation of Atonement – I felt like the film lost all of the book’s mystery and any sort of contemplative quality. For me the film was much too decisive in plot, while I felt Ian McEwan left you wondering what really happened. Also his narrative style is so much metaphor and description, often from a certain character’s perspective. The beauty of his writing is lost completely in the film. I love the Pride and Prejudice TV adaptation (as do most people) as it conveys all the humour and intricacies of the book. On the other hand I hate the most recent film of it – all idealised kissing in the rain on the bridge. Yuk. And Matthew Macfadyen is completely miscast as Mr Darcy – not haughty enough or good looking enough!!”
Alice, Secretary &Treasurer

“I’d say it definitely has to be Fantastic Mr Fox. I was so disappointed that the filmmakers somehow managed to turn such a cunning, intelligent character into something utterly charmless and quite irritating. To be honest, when I really, really love a book (for example, for two of my favourite books – Northern Lights and The Time Traveller’s Wife), I refuse to see the film in case it ends up spoiling the image I had in my mind.”
Alex, Membership Secretary

“There’s quite a few that I felt fell short of the novels. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen ruined a great comic with bad acting, plot and directing whilst the Bicentennial Man was just an awful film adaptation of a powerful book. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a magical book turned in to a film whose only magic is in making TV’s switch off. Beowulf is a great story which was bungled to try to make money with ‘big’ names voicing roles. Why not a live action film? Why not be true to the book and maintain a decent story!? Finally the most disappointing film I have probably ever seen and will never forgive Peter Jackson, Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg (all 3 I usually love) for is The Lovely Bones.”
Andrew, Events Co-ordinator

Fantastic Mr Fox…and while we’re at it Matilda too. Roald Dahl is so unequivocally British, his books such an inherent part of English childhood and Quentin Blake’s illustrations so poignant that no type of adaptation could ever add to the books.”
Jenny, Events Co-ordinator

“ I’d have to say The Picture of Dorian Gray.  They changed so many key elements of the plot that was really disappointed that they couldn’t stay true to Oscar Wilde’s gothic thriller. It was just irritating and I had to try really hard to stop myself huffing all the way through.”
Lottie, InDigital Editor

"I had to stop watching The Time Traveller’s Wife halfway through because it was unbelievably bleak and depressing – nothing like the magical and poignant book. It was like the filmakers thought – aha! Let’s do The Notebook 2! On the other hand, one of my favourite books, The English Patient, is also one of my favourite films, because with brilliant casting and care with the time shifts (unlike certain other films) it’s just as captivating as the book but in different ways."
Laura, InDigital Editor