Book Trade Charity Free Training Course Offer

Posted on January 19, 2010 in News & Reviews

The Book Trade Charity are offering a place for an SYP member, preferably someone who has been in the book trade for one year or more and is currently unemployed, on a course for Access Developers Training.  The dates for the training are 8th to 12th Feb (no training on Thursday 11th), and takes place at the Book Trade Charity’s HQ at the Foyle Centre, the Retreat, Kings Langley, Herts WD4 8LT. It is advertised on the web site, and the training covers:

·    Database design and data normalisation
·    Building table relationships
·    VBA coding and debugging tools
·    Effective front end development
·    Using Multiple databases and splitting databases
·    Data Migration techniques and Importing/Exporting from Microsoft Access
·    ODBC Connectivity to other platforms eg Sequel and Oracle
·    Developing systems using data from Microsoft Project with Access

The Book Trade Charity will put a candidate into this (free) if they are keen, and suitable – and the trainer would need to talk to them first to ensure this is so.  For more details, please contact the Book Trade Charity’s Chief Executive, David Hicks, via