How to Create and Edit SYP-60 chapters

Posted on July 5, 2009 in News & Reviews

First off, log into the website via the SYP-60 homepage.  If you want to edit an existing chapter, then don’t click the following hyperlink on your chapter page:

The above Edit link is for visitors to the site to suggest edits to chapter, and so is designed to add edits to the end of your chaper when you click the ‘Approve Edits’ link.  To edit your chapters, go to the bottom right hand corner and click the Admin hyperlink:

Once you’ve in the Admin section, you can go straight into editing your chapter by clicking the ‘Upload chapters’ link on the left hand side:

The first thing you’ll see in the next window is the text editing box, where you can create an article for the first time, or edit an existing article.  If creating an article for the first time, choose the appropriate section area in the first box – the default is ‘Other’.  In the next box you can put your chapter heading.  Make sure that you also put entries in all the other boxes, because your file won’t upload if the Tags, Moderator Name, Moderator Email, and Subject Name boxes are left empty.

No doubt you’ll have written your article in Microsoft Word.  However, like many website content management systems, the SYP-60 site doesn’t function very well if you upload text as a Microsoft Word file.  The way to get around this is to paste your text into Microsoft Notepad first, which will remove the formatting, and then copy and paste the text from Notepad into the ‘Article Text’ box.  If submitting your chapter for the first time, you also need to upload it as a text file as well as pasting it into the text editor box:

If you don’t do both, then your chapter will not upload.  If you’re only working on a Mac, then you can send your Microsoft Word document to me at, and I’ll convert it into a text file and upload it to SYP-60 for you.

You can then add formatting via the tool box above, which uses the icons for Bold, italics, underline etc that you will already be familiar with from Microsoft Word:

You can also adjust the alignment of paragraphs using icons that will also be familiar to you from Microsoft Word:

Paragraph alignment icons

To edit an article that’s already on the site, scroll down to the bottom of the Admin page – your chapter will be located in the table below.  You can edit your chapter by clicking the Edit link for your chapter on the right hand side:

Your article should already have a thumbnail image (displayed at the bottom of the chaper on the SYP-60 site, or next to it in the ‘Chapters’ list in the menu bar, and it’ll be listed on the right hand side of your chapter in the table below on the Admin page, typically beginning with the word ‘resized’).  If your article doesn’t have a thumbnail, you can add it via bottom of the Admin section:


At the moment, it looks like you can only add a picture to your chapter if it’s already listed on a website.  If there’s a demand for this, then we may decide to host these images on the main SYP site, but this hasn’t been decided yet, and the functionality hasn’t been tested.

And then finally, to make sure your updated article is submitted, you must click the ‘Save’ button:

 At the moment of writing, there is an error with the Chapter upload process when you submit a chapter for the first time.  Although the date that you uploaded the chapter is automatically entered for you, it’s been entered in the wrong format, and so you get this error message:

SYP-60 date entry error

So, if the date has been automatically entered as "7/26/2009", then you need to change this to say, "26/07/2009".  Once you’ve made this correction, your chapter should upload normally.  Hopefully this error will be fixed soon.