Bridget Moans

Posted on July 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes, I’m back! And this time, amazingly, I’m not moaning about men (or more specifically, the lack of them). ‘What’s your problem now then?’ I hear you cry – or possibly mutter with vague interest. In fact, my new moan won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone in the publishing industry. Yep, you’ve guessed it: money.


We all know the drill. We didn’t get into it for a flash car and wads of cash. When we were considering careers, our unmaterialistic minds were on higher things. We did it for art! We did it for the love of literature! Who needs money when you’ve got Mrs. Gaskell, eh?


But, seriously now, a job’s for life not just for Christmas. And the main point of said job is to make some mulah so you can go out and do things that are potentially more fun than working. Sadly, in a line of work where the streets aren’t so much paved with gold as cheap plywood, that damned (dare I say it) credit crunch has put us in a bit of a pickle.


There we all were thinking if we just hung on a little longer to the lower rungs of the ladder, ate Cup-a-Soups for lunch, drank cheap cider before a night on the tiles and bought all our clothes from Primark, before long we’d be on our way to a salary that might actually match our age. But nope. The recession has put a stop to any fanciful dreaming of food shopping in Marks and Spencers and buying cocktails outside of happy hour. A salary increase any time soon is EVEN LESS LIKELY than me meeting the man of my dreams by the water cooler!!


But fear not! For all of us who are feeling the pinch, I’ve come up with a few sensible suggestions:


  1. Sell everything you own on ebay. You don’t really need that flapper dress you bought for a 1920s themed party, do you? Or 911’s greatest hits. And what about your toastie-making machine? Or, in fact, the toaster. And let’s face it, beds are seriously over-rated…
  2. Instead of going on holiday, read books involving popular holiday destinations and just imagine you’re there! N.B. The office fan would be ideal for re-creating a refreshing sea breeze.
  3. Write a book. Apparently, some of them can make you a fair bit of money.


Of course, I hate to admit it but I can’t really moan. At least I have a job to complain about. Although if I keep hanging about the water cooler awaiting the arrival of my ideal man, maybe not for much longer…