How to submit a job advert to the SYP website

Posted on June 25, 2008 in News & Reviews

First off, visit our Employers Home page:

This is the platform that you will use to add jobs to the site.

Before you can do this, however, you need to be registered. To register, please contact our jobs database co-ordinators, Rachel Menzies and CJ Montague, on The details that they will need to register you are:

– your company name and address, including postcode
– your email address
– and a profile describing your company

Once you are registered, you will be sent a temporary password. The first time you log into the Employers Home page, you will be asked to change this password.

After you have logged in, you can add your first advert by clicking on “Add New Job” on the left hand menu. This will take you to the “Add New Job” page:

Firstly, please choose the “Job Type” from the dropdown menu. Then choose the “Job Location”. If the job location is not included in the dropdown menu, then choose “other” and enter the job location into the accompanying suggestion box, while remembering to mention the job location in the body of the advert or in the contact box. Next, please enter the “Job Title” – for reasons of accessibility and consistency, please do not write the job title completely in uppercase – instead, please just use capital letters at the beginning of every word, e.g. “Web Content Editor”.

Then you can add the job description. To ensure that your advertisement is consistent with the SYP website house style, we ask that you do not introduce new fonts into the “job description” and “contact/How to apply” boxes. The most common way that this occurs is when a job advert is posted into the job description box straight from Microsoft Word. To remove the Microsoft Word fonts and formatting,

please add the text into Notepad, and then copy the text from Notepad, and paste it into the “Job description” box.  If you’re working from a Mac, you can copy the text from Microsoft Word into TextEdit, remembering to save the TextEdit as a plain text file before pasting it into the "Job description" box.

There is another way to remove the formatting within the “Add New Job page” itself. In the top right hand corner of the toolbars for the “Job description” and “Contact/How to apply” boxes, there is an icon that looks like an eraser – simply select all the text in the box, and then click on this button to remove the formatting:
remove format button

There are options on the toolbar that you can use to format your advert; i.e., the Bold/Italics/Underline buttons:
bold italics underline button

You can also produce bulleted or numbered lists:
bulleted lists button

In the "Contact/how to apply" box, you may wish to include an email address.  The easiest way to do this is just to insert the email address as plain text, i.e. "", which applicants can just copy and paste into the address line of their email composer.  However, if you would like to turn this into a hyperlink, then you can click on the hyperlink button, which has an icon that resembles the link in a chain:

hyperlink button

This will then open up a dialogue box. As you will see, this is automatically set up to create a hyperlink for a website (very handy if you want your advertisement to link to your company website – just copy the web address and paste it into the URL box, and then click "ok"):
hyperlink dialogue box

However, you can change this setting to hyperlink your email address instead by clicking on the "link type" drop down list, and by selecting "E-Mail" from the list:
Choosing email

Put your email address into the "E-Mail Address" box, then click "ok", and then your email address will be hyperlinked – e.g.

To finish submitting your advertisement, please fill in the "closing date" box, and then click the "Add box".  It is important to fill in all the boxes, or else your advertisement will not submit – with the exception, of course, of the optional new Job Location suggestion box.

You will find that this is quite an easy process, and an excellent way of filling your vacancies, as the job advertisements are probably the most popular feature of the SYP website for our members.