London Book Fair Mission: Tuesday 15 April

Posted on April 9, 2008 in Uncategorized


Whether you’re into fiction or non-fiction, trade or academic, travel or sociology; the 2008 London Book Fair will cater for even the most exotic palate next week, showcasing myriad publishing houses, booksellers and the like.

Film rights to the next Harry Potter could be sold (listen to the authors of last year’s children’s book sensation, Tunnels, talk); you could rub shoulders with the Lebanese Minister of Culture (although unless you’ve blagged an invite, you won’t be allowed in to the press conference); or you might just find out how to better your career in publishing (Getting Ahead in UK Publishing is a young publisher must-see).
The three core areas of this year’s LBF seminar programme focus on digitisation, children’s books and publishing, and film and TV. You could begin your day learning how to seal the deal to film and TV rights from AP Watt literary agent Rob Kraitt and media lawyer Nicholas Lom in the Westminster Room, before delving into the new phenomenon sweeping the Middle East and Magreb, where slang and rap are being translated from Arabic into French and English. Perhaps then might be a good opportunity to grab some lunch and have a meander around the exhibitor zone. Prepare to be amazed by just how many people work with books for a living!
Refreshed and ready for some more technical facts, you may decide to attend the seminar focusing on new platforms and technologies that can be used to display content. With E-readers such as the Kindle selling like hot cakes in the States, and iPhones becoming a city-type essential, the evolution of the book as we know it stands at a very exciting and controversial crossroads.
Next you could gain a cultural insight into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a brief but comprehensive presentation of academic research, and how departures from the Kingdom’s tradition are affecting literature and the arts. Or you could find out more about new initiatives to get children reading more. Another quick look around the stalls, a coffee and cake or cigarette, and it’s time for the Society of Young Publishers hand-picked speakers to tell you how to get ahead in publishing. There’ll be a chance to win copies of Alison Baverstock’s How to Get a Job in Publishing, and the opportunity to ask pertinent questions to people who know how to get ahead.
After the speaker meeting an area of The Tournament pub has been reserved for the SYP and guests, so feel free to come along afterwards and meet like-minded people. And the best thing about all this? If you are a student, and you pre-register, it won’t cost you a penny to get in. Just select ‘student’ in the ‘Job Title’ and ‘Company Activity’ boxes and remember to ignore or unclick boxes referring to credit card payment.