Bridget Moans

Posted on April 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Things I love about working in publishing: the books (well, duh); the lovely people I work with; getting out of work when it’s still daylight (in the summer anyhow); the pay… hang on, scratch that last one.

Things I don’t love about working in publishing: the severe lack of men.
Admittedly, this may not be the first thing you think about when you’re choosing a career but I’m beginning to think maybe it should be a point for consideration. Let’s look at the facts:
  1. Lots of people meet their partner through work.
  2. Publishing is a massively female-dominated industry.
Wonderful news if you’re a man (or indeed woman) who likes the ladies, not so great if you’re a single girl looking for love, or just some manly office eye-candy.
As a young(ish) female English graduate, I think it’s pretty normal to have an enthusiasm for blokes as well as books. At university, I was surrounded by men. Not because I was stunningly gorgeous, or gave away free beer, or flashed my boobs when I’d had a few to drink – I just lived in a mixed hall of residence. Consider my disappointment when I enter the world of work to discover it’s a testosterone-free zone. Ok, this is a slight exaggeration but let’s just say it’s pretty slim pickings. I should have paid more attention to Bridget Jones. Single woman living in London and working for a publishing company? Check.
As Bridget proved, it’s not easy being a single girl in the publishing industry. As a man, you have a plethora of attractive, intelligent, ambitious young ladies to flirt with. As a woman, your options are somewhat limited. Well, there’s always that Nigel bloke in IT with a receding hairline and a passion for Dungeons and Dragons
My point is we really need to level the publishing playing field a bit; entice a few more males into the editorial arena etc. Clearly the prospect of being surrounded by women in the workplace and the promise of discounted books isn’t attracting them in droves.
Ah well, if I can’t find a sexy man, I guess I can always take a good book to bed instead.