SYP Pub Quiz

Posted on November 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

To raise money for the BTBS, The Society of Young Publishers decided to have a quiz recently. It was such a success, we’re going to have another! It took place in Fitzrovia, and we raised just over £300 for said Book Trade Benevolent Society. The winners were, ironically, The Society of Mature Publishers, whilst the wooden spoon was wrestled from JFL’s Jolly Foxy Ladies (and Hound can testify that they were foxy) by the determined efforts of a team comprised of Random House staff and some members of The Grauniad. What devastating wit! Hound also took some pictures:

The contestants warm up the brain farm.

Huddling in.

Beer begins to take its toll on the contestants.

Our illustrious ex-Chair, and some Foxy ladies.

Our quizmaster, Jon Slack Esq.

Toby got wood.

Some Mature publishers.