New funding for training small publishers

Posted on September 19, 2007 in News & Reviews

Thanks to a generous donation from the Unwin Charitable Trust (UCT), The Publishing Training Centre has been able to introduce a new scheme to help small publishers pay for training.

Through this scheme, grants of £150 per person are available to freelances or to publishers with fewer than ten full-time staff. To help ensure that the money available is distributed fairly, there are limits on the number of grants that can be awarded to any one individual or company over the course of a year (full details in Discounts and Funding at The grants also apply only to PTC’s classroom-based courses.

For those who don’t qualify under the new scheme, there are other sources of funding, such as Career Development Loans. Also, PTC is itself an educational charity and is sometimes able to offer significantly reduced fees in special cases (for example, to people who are unemployed and looking to get into publishing, or to people who have recently been made redundant from a publishing job). Again, visit to find out more about this and other initiatives.