InPrint Online

Posted on February 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hi, this is a quick note from your new editor – Gurdeep Mattu. 

I’ve spent the last two years bringing you InPrint in paper format, and seen it go from a 12pp A4 newsletter to a 32pp A5 magazine that was slick, well-designed and full of content.  We even got ourselves a cover designer! But no more.  Now I am here.

Of course, the paper format’s transformation couldn’t have been done without the Editor, Rebecca Strong, and her commissioning zeal, as well our talent bunch of proofers and sub-editors, who by the end of it all were calling themselves ‘Puffers’.

Thanks to all of them, and thanks to each and every contributor who provided the thing without which we wouldn’t exist – content.

So that’s where I’d like to pick this up.  I’m going to be adding stuff up here in a time-lag to the printed magazine.  That’s the masthead magazine of the SYP, and will remain that way.  We’ll be putting up archive PDFs of the issues too, but InPrint Online offers us an opportunity to do something different.  We can add deeper content, more specialised content, longer articles and also articles that are too irreverent or outre to be in the paper magazine.  We can create some sort of community, here, using the forum, and using this e-magazine.

Together with our outgoing Webmaster and his new recruits, I’m hoping to port this site to to give us a snazzy URL.  But again, I’d like to pick up a new thread and say that it won’t be much without your contributions.  Can we have whatever you think might work (and things that you think might not, even, too) and I’ll take a look at it.  We’ll get the ball rolling here at InPrint Online.