The SfEP Directory 2006

Posted on April 12, 2006 in News & Reviews

The SfEP would like to offer SYP members a copy of their 2006 directory (for free!). Those that request a copy (or copies – you can have up to three) of the directory will then receive a special offer on SfEP membership. They're willing to waive the normal £25 joining fee – a great opportunity

The main benefits offered include:

·        Benefit from help in finding work

·        Access to competitively priced training and continuous professional development

·        Extensive opportunities for networking, support and advice

·        Annual conference and other one-day events

·        Discounts on a range of benefits

·        A free subscription to Editing Matters, the Society’s newsletter

There is also an option to just take out a subscription to the newsletter.

If you'd like a copy, please email and we'll pass your details on. SfEP assure us that your email address will be kept entirely confidential, and only used for the purposes of sending you a copy of the directory and/or any other information you may request.

About the directory…

The SfEP Directory 2006 – the ingredients for editorial success?

How often do you spot spelling and grammatical errors in marketing copy, website text, reports or other publications? The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) has recently published its Directory of Editorial Services 2006, which lists the details of nearly 500 of its members, whose skills you can use to avoid grammatical gremlins.

The SfEP Directory 2006 was launched the same week that Clarissa Dickson Wright delivered the Whitcombe lecture at the Society’s annual conference in Carlisle. In recognition of the editorial help she has received with her many cookery books, Clarissa described her ‘recipe’ for the perfect copy-editor: “They need a combination of objectivity, humour, enthusiasm, encouragement and practical suggestions. A good editor will enable an author to retain some level of mental stability!”

The SfEP Directory was first launched in 1990, and its value to members is still apparent, as Julian Bates, Advanced SfEP member, explains: “I have had an entry in the Directory since 1999. That first entry led to enough new business to pay for all my subsequent entries, and the number and quality of enquiries I receive go up with every new edition. The Directory is the only form of advertising I use and I would strongly recommend it to all SfEP members.”

Penny Williams, SfEP Chair, explains: “The Directory enables users to choose an experienced professional to boost the power of their communication. Using the online version you can search through nearly 500 SfEP members by expert name, geographical location and subject specialism. The qualifications and awards of each member are given, as well as their level of experience and SfEP membership status. Users of the directory can be confident that they are selecting professionals who have the expertise to provide a high-quality service.”