Welcome to the application page to volunteer for a position on the SYP Scotland Committee.

To be on the Scotland Committee, you need to be based in Scotland (or currently working/studying remotely at a Scottish institution due to the pandemic). You do not need to be working in publishing nor be an SYP member to serve on the Committee. Each year you can apply for two positions across the SYP. Please submit another application for the second role.

Please note that while these positions are voluntary, it does require a commitment for the year in order to keep the society running successfully. Each position will involve participating in committee meetings, being active on the Committee’s Slack channel as well as contributing to events and online ventures.

If you have any questions about the SYP volunteer process, please refer to the FAQs page or, if your question isn’t answered there, contact us at

Positions may vary from year to year. For more information on the positions available in 2021, please see the role descriptions below.

Scotland Co-Chair

Manage and oversee all aspects of SYP Scotland with the other Co-chair. This position is only open to those who have already volunteered on the committee for a minimum of one year.

  • Advise/support committee members as and when needed.
  • Organise and lead monthly committee meetings.
  • Communicate and work together with the Chairs of other SYP branches.
  • Maintain contact and relationships with SYP Scotland partners.
  • Explore new partnerships with publishing and literary organisations and communities in Scotland.
  • Help organise SYP Scotland’s spring conference 2022 and deliver opening and closing remarks.
  • Send InPrint quarterly updates about SYP Scotland’s activities.

Scotland Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the management of the SYP Scotland’s budget and finances, working closely with the Co-Chairs. You will be capable of handling figures and cash, have an eye for detail and the ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed up. Duties include:

  • Processing conference and event fees and committee expenses.
  • Keeping a record of the incomings and outgoings of money to ensure that the branch stays within its budget.
  • Regularly reporting spending to the UK Treasurer.

Scotland Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is a key role, responsible for managing all membership queries and administering the mentorship scheme, as well as secretarial duties relating to the committee’s activities. The ideal candidate will have a good knowledge of the SYP and its members, sound organisational skills and the ability to build relationships with others both inside and outwith the Society. Duties include:

  • Creating and sending monthly member newsletters via MailChimp.
  • Strategising ways to improve outreach to early-stage publishing professionals.
  • Managing SYP Scotland’s annual mentorship scheme.

Scotland Student Liaison Officer

The Student Liaison Officer (alongside the Student Reps) is responsible for promoting the SYP and our events to the Universities. This role requires strong team working and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to identify useful contacts and develop/maintain solid networks among higher education institutions. Duties include:

  • Recruiting Student Representatives from incoming student cohorts at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Advising the committee on the major assignment deadlines and other events that could affect attendance at events and committee meetings.
  • Working with Membership Secretary and Inclusivity Officer to brainstorm initiatives to increase membership.

Scotland Inclusivity Officer

The Inclusivity Officer ensures SYP Scotland embeds accessibility into everything we do, from our monthly events and outreach activities to our annual conference. This role requires a commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, good interpersonal skills and an ability to use initiative. You will be supported in your work by the Co-Chairs and the rest of the SYP Inclusivity team, led by the SYP UK Inclusivity Officer. Duties include:

  • Identifying key opportunities within the SYP Scotland’s branch activities for better diversity and inclusion and develop strategy as appropriate.
  • Liaising with Membership Secretary and Student Liaison Officer to provide suggestions for how to make our outreach more inclusive.
  • Tracking and reporting progress to the rest of the committee.
  • Provide updates at monthly meeting on diversity and inclusion matters in the industry.

Scotland Communications Officer (2 positions)

The Communications Officers work as a team of three to manage SYP Scotland’s digital content (including podcasts and video content) and social media channels. This role requires excellent written communication skills with a high level of attention to detail. Good working knowledge of WordPress and the ability to analyse engagement data would be advantageous. Duties include:

  • Maintaining the website by ensuring that all of SYP Scotland’s forthcoming social and speaker events are listed in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining SYP Scotland’s social media channels by promoting SYP Scotland’s social and speaker events and sharing/re-posting topical stories and articles.
  • Providing feedback at monthly meetings and contributing to event brainstorming.

Scotland Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinators run SYP Scotland’s monthly events programme, including speaker events, workshops and socials. They work closely with the Treasurer (managing budgets), Communications Officers (marketing events to maximise attendance, liaising on online events) and the Book Club Coordinator (providing event coordination support). They can also join the conference committee if desired. This role requires organisational skills and the ability to work under pressure, with a flexible, proactive approach. Duties include:

  • Communicating event ideas and updates in each committee meeting.
  • Scouting out suitable event spaces for both socials and speaker events and organising hire within budget (when applicable).
  • Approaching publishing professionals to speak at events.
  • Fostering good relationships with potential speakers and local venue managers, and maintaining and building on the existing database of contacts.

Scotland Conference Lead (2 positions)

The Conference Leads will plan and execute SYP Scotland’s spring conference 2022, recruiting and leading a conference committee from autumn 2021, up to the conference in March 2022. Prior publishing experience is not necessary, but it is expected you will have some knowledge of contemporary issues in the publishing industry, and excellent project management skills – experience of organising events would be highly advantageous. In addition, this role requires the ability to lead and motivate a team. Duties include:

  • Arranging for Keynote, Closing Speaker and Closing Performer.
  • Finalising venue/digital platform for the conference.
  • Overseeing budget including ticket sales, sponsorship and exhibition.
  • Any other duties as required to support the committee before conference planning begins.