Welcome to the application page to volunteer for a position on the SYP Oxford Committee.

Applications are now closed. Volunteer roles for 2023 will be open for applications in late November/early December 2022.

Positions on the Oxford Committee are open to applicants based within the Oxford area. If you wish to apply to be a member of one of the other committees (UK, Ireland, London, North, Scotland, South West) or to find out what roles they have available, return to the main Volunteer with the SYP page.

Please note that while these positions are voluntary, it does require a commitment for the year in order to keep the society running successfully. Each position will also involve participating in committee meetings, as well as contributing to possible events or online ventures.

For more information on the positions available, please see the role descriptions below.

Oxford Events Officer (4 positions)

There are two different types of events we hold in Oxford, which will be organised by the events team:

  • Speaker events (online and in-person): inviting external speakers to hold panel events, run workshops, and speak about their expertise. There are usually around 6-8 events a year and they cover a range of themes and topics.
  • Social events: organising fun gatherings for SYP members and anyone interested in publishing, including a book club, games nights, and themed events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organising and hosting speaker/social events on a regular basis, deciding format and theme
  • Scouting out suitable event spaces across Oxford
  • Approaching publishing professionals to speak at events
  • Fostering good relationships with potential speakers and local venue managers, and maintaining and building on the existing database of contacts
  • Providing creative contribution to the organisation and planning of events
  • Working with the Communications team to arrange publicity and marketing around upcoming events
  • Keeping track of an annual budget and costings, reporting any expenses to the Co-chairs and Treasurer

Oxford Treasurer

This role requires attention to detail and organisation in the management of the SYP Oxford bank account. Responsibilities include processing event fees, and committee expenses. It is important to keep a record of the incomings and outgoings of money to ensure that the branch stays within its budget, to advise on committee spending at monthly meetings, and regularly report spending to the UK Treasurer.

Oxford Communications Officer (2 positions)

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining SYP Oxford’s social media channels by promoting SYP Oxford’s social and speaker events and sharing/re-posting topical stories and articles
  • Formulating marketing plans for SYP events and mentoring scheme
  • Co-ordinating the monthly SYP Oxford newsletter
  • Providing feedback at monthly meetings and contributing to brainstorming

Oxford Digital Content Officer

The Digital Content Officer is responsible for creating online content for the committee – with a particular focus on career resources for entry-level and mid-career professionals.

Duties include:

  • Coordinating the Inside Publishing podcast, recording new episodes, managing schedules and assisting other SYP branches with podcast recordings
  • Maintaining the website by ensuring that all of SYP Oxford’s forthcoming social and speaker events are listed in a timely manner
  • Designing and producing marketing materials (e.g. flyers) for events

Skills required to succeed in this role include an understanding of, or willingness to learn WordPress and a keen interest in podcasts. Podcast equipment can be provided if necessary.

Oxford Partnerships Officer

Responsibilties include:

  • Providing a single contact point for partners and prospective partners (eg universities, literary fairs, story museum, book shops, Book Machine, OPuS, etc.)
  • Promoting our events and membership benefits to these parties
  • Arranging mutually beneficial cross promotion
  • Ensuring continuity even when committee changes occur
  • Ensuring visibility of our branch in Oxford and the wider academic and literary community
  • Ensuring our members are aware of the discounts they get as SYP members, and of opportunities more generally such as the possibility of volunteering for the Oxford Literary Festival
  • Working closely with the events and comms to determine the audiences they need to reach and ensure they are aware of discounts you secure or events you intend to cross promote
  • Providing feedback at monthly meetings and contributing to brainstorming

Oxford Inclusivity Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying key opportunities within the SYP Oxford’s branch activities for better diversity and inclusion and developing an appropriate strategy
  • Liaising with the Communications officers, Digital Content Officer, Student Representatives, Partnerships Officer and Events officers to provide suggestions for how to make our outreach more inclusive
  • Tracking and reporting progress to the rest of the committee
  • Providing updates at monthly meeting on diversity and inclusion matters in the industry (public reports, etc.)

Oxford Student Representative (4 Positions) – Academic Year 2021/2022

The purpose of this role is to spread the word about the SYP and our events to university students and careers services to bring new members to the society and increase events attendance. This is a volunteer position for the academic year 2021/2022. We will ideally be recruiting 2 students from the University of Oxford and 2 students from Oxford Brookes. You do not have to be studying publishing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the SYP and our events to students at your university (both undergraduate and postgraduate, beyond those who study publishing) through a range of channels, including social media, university newsletters, and word-of-mouth
  • Maintaining and increasing the SYP Oxford Ambassadors initiatives (University of Oxford)
  • Advising the committee on term dates, assignment deadlines, and other events that could affect student attendance at events and committee meetings
  • Providing feedback at monthly meetings and contributing to event brainstorming, providing a student perspective on what the society could offer to appeal to students
  • Working in conjunction with either communications, events, or partnerships teams to provide additional support and ideas as and when required.
    • Communications: assisting with promoting SYP events via social media, newsletter, university groups, and creating promotional materials as and when needed
    • Events: helping to organise speaker and social events, deciding themes and sourcing speakers, locating venues, attending on the night to ensure everything runs smoothly (if in person)
    • Partnerships: assisting with strengthening the SYP’s links with local organisations and the universities

Who we are looking for:

  • A confident communicator: able to spread the word about the SYP through a range of channels to reach a wide pool of students.
  • Organisation and time-management: somebody who is capable of taking on an extra commitment outside of their degree
  • Enthusiasm: somebody who is excited about the publishing industry and the SYP and has ideas on events and programmes that will appeal to students


If you have any questions about the SYP volunteer application process, please refer to the FAQs page or, if your question isn’t answered there, contact us at

Like many organisations, the SYP is working hard to be an inclusive and diverse entity. We understand that the world we live in is a diverse place and the publishing industry needs to reflect that. We welcome applications from those of any background, and particularly encourage candidates from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodivergent and lower socio-economic backgrounds/experiences.