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Want to be part of the UK committee for 2017?

This year marks the first year we are making a separate committee for our UK team. Currently merged with the London team, this new committee will become an independent body made up of the roles below and focusing on looking after and running the society as a whole across its 5 branches, as well as maintaining and developing the SYP's membership and connections within the Industry. Applicants for these roles can be based anywhere in the UK, but must show how their location will not hinder their completion of the role. The UK Chair role can be applied to by anyone currently serving on any of the UK branches (1 year minimum experience required).

The UK committee will be announced at the AGM held in London on 23 January 2017.

UK Chair

For the first time this year, the role of SYP Chair is being split with a separate chair for the UK. This position will oversee the entire society across all branches. The UK Chair will be responsible for overseeing the entirety of the society to ensure its success and smooth running. It will involve liaising with all the branches on a regular basis and to maintain consistency across the UK. You will be the face of the SYP so will be the first point of contact for any society communications plus you will be responsible for maintaining and growing the partnerships and relationships the SYP has made with other publishing organisations. The UK committee and all Chair positions will report into the UK Chair. Although the UK Chair does not need to be based in London, it is required that they have previously been on a committee (in any branch) for at least one year.

UK Treasurer

A role that demands attention to detail and organisation and in managing the SYP UK bank account. You will need to ensure our suppliers nd expenses are paid in a timely fashion, and reach out to each branch of the SYP with annual budget allowances. It will be important to keep a record of the incomings and outgoings of money to ensure that the society stays within a reasonable budget. As a member of the UK committee the person in this role will also play a key part in decisions regarding the society's direction and development. It is preferred that the applicant has been previously on the committee for at least a year.

UK Membership Secretary

As Membership Secretary, you are responsible for membership across all branches. This role is mainly independent, but requires organisation, strong administrative skills and a keen eye for troubleshooting. You will need to create a membership card for each new member, and become the first point of contact to welcome them into the society. Furthermore, you will need to be able to deal with a wide range of queries regarding membership and the society in general. This role generally takes around 3-4 hours per week, and it is important that you remain committed and on top of the administrative aspects.

UK Jobs Officer

The jobs role will be responsible for keeping our jobs page up to date with the latest vacancies across all regions of the UK. This involves keeping a regular eye on the jobs email inbox and liaising with agencies and HR contacts to keep the jobs listings up to date on the website. You will also be responsible for the maintenance of the weekly jobs newsletter.

Managing Editor of Inprint Magazine

The role of Managing Editor involves overseeing the production of the quarterly Inprint magazine and managing the SYP blog Press Forward. As Managing Editor of Inprint you oversee a team of six editors and a designer. Responsibilities include:

  • deciding upon a theme for the issue, commissioning extra writers where necessary and guiding the content of articles editors pitch to you. 
  • You're responsible for setting up a printer and a schedule for your editors, as well as planning the typesetting with your designer and deciding upon a file press date.
  • Whilst the editors are writing, you will discuss a concept for the issue with the designer and brief the cover design.
  • Once articles have been written, it's your responsibility to proofread these and make sure they are in line with the house style guide. You then hand over files for typesetting to the designer.
  • Once typeset proofs are circulated to the editors to check, you will also perform any final press checks and the designer will make changes as necessary.
  • The final task is to create the print order and send this to your chosen printer with the press files.
  • Working with branch secretaries & social media officers to commission content for the SYP blog and following up on any contacts who may approach you with article ideas.

Inprint Editors

The Inprint Editors usually make up a team of 4 or 5 and will be responsible for writing articles in the quarterly issues of the Inprint magazine. They will report into the Managing Editor and the team will come together and discuss the theme of the issue and divide up articles to write. Writers will then swap their articles to be edited by other members in the team. Additional article content should also be provided for the SYP blog on a regular basis. *It is not essential for the Editors to be based in London.*


The designer will be working on the layout and artwork for the Inprint magazines with the Inprint team based on the themes and cover briefs of the issues

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