SYP Oxford loves paper, pub(lishing) and Pimm’s

Greetings, SYPeeps and welcome to another edition of the Oxford Comma!

We’ve had a jam-packed two months with events and socials galore. Keep on reading for a taste of what we have in store for you in the coming months, plus two great Q&As from Catherine Beer from Boardworks and SYP Oxford student liaisons, Hannah Todd and Isaac Goodwin. Happy reading!



Our latest events
Comics and Graphic Novels: The Genre Rises

SYP Oxford assembled for Comics and Graphic Novels: The Genre Rises at the Phoenix Picturehouse for an engaging discussion between Ben Smith from Rebellion Publishing and Charlie Rashid and Paul Duffield from The Phoenix Comic – a fascinating insight into this dynamic corner of publishing.

Pub Quiz

The Wadham Room at the King’s Arms was host to an eager bunch of (literary) pub quizzers at the end of last month, who competed to win a top roster of prizes. Given the popularity of pub-based events amongst publishers, don’t miss our literary pub crawl at the end of this month, and our pub social (see below for more details).

We Love Paper: A Visit to Acorn Press

This week, SYP Oxford took a trip to Acorn Press to learn all about printing and paper. The lovely people at Acorn Press took us on a full tour to illustrate the printing process from start to finish. Beforehand, our SYP Oxford marketing co-ordinator, the lovely Lea, had designed an 8-page colour booklet. The design proofs of this booklet were sent to Acorn Press and we watched as the booklet was made in real time right in front of us. It was a great privilege to witness what goes on behind the scenes at a printing press. Thank you to everyone at Acorn Press for taking the time to show us around! To see the finished booklet and to learn more about the trip and the joys of paper, look out for a blog entry which we'll be posting at a later stage. 
Upcoming events
Book Club
We delved into feminism followed by fantasy with our April and May Book Clubs where we read Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop before moving onto Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. A lively discussion was had over drinks in the gardens of the Jericho Tavern. If you fancy joining us next month, we’ll be reading The Shore by Sara Taylor (longlisted for the Bailey Women’s Prize for Fiction). For a chance to win a copy of The Shore, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter

In each newsletter, we will have a Q&A with a SYP Oxford committee member to give you an insight into what life is like as a young publisher and with an established publishing professional to give those who have just started their careers (or studies!) something to aspire to. 

Isaac Goodwin, Student Liaison for Oxford University and Hannah Todd, Student Liaison for Oxford Brookes University

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Isaac: I’m a finalist at Worcester College, Oxford, studying Theology, who loves (especially old) books and printing.

Hannah:  Hello lovely people. My name is Hannah and I’m in my second year, studying English Language and Publishing. I also work part time at an editorial company called The Writers’ Workshop (which is fab and I love it). When I’m not doing either of those things I’m probably making my way through a cheesy TV box set with my flatmate or drinking cocktails with friends…

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Catherine Beer, Production Director, Boardworks

You started working at Boardworks as an editorial assistant and quickly moved to being an editor, then a publisher and you are now production director. Why this change from editorial to production?

As Boardworks is a small digital publisher there's quite a lot of overlap between editorial and production. Editorial assistants at our company are involved with the majority of the production process. Over time I’ve naturally worked more and more on the technical side of projects which has led on to the role I have now. My current job doesn’t involve any direct editing of content - I’m part of making strategic and project management decisions for what we’re doing with content and also technical developments - in particular briefing new functionality for our popular online educational platform, Doddle.

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Other publishing events in Oxford

Wednesday 10th June - 6.30pm

Sarah Franklin (founder of Short Stories Aloud) will be talking about the rise in mobile reading and short stories at The Jam Factory.

Register here.

See what BookMachine has to say about this promising event! More info here