Q&A with Mark Clarke

Mark Clarke, Sales Director, Acorn Press


How did you get into your current role?

I left school at the age of 16 (1987) and had my place booked at the local sixth form college to do A-levels. A few weeks before I was due to start, I decided to look for a job at the local careers centre and was interviewed at Acorn Press for a production assistant role. 28 years later – I’m still here!


What, in your opinion, makes Acorn Press a top choice for a publisher to work with?

It sounds rather clichéd, but our quality, flexibility and attention to detail. For instance, we offer a full proof reading and correction service as part of our workflow, which many of our customers find invaluable. We’ll always do our best to solve a customer’s problems.


While lots of women work in publishing, there is a lack of women in the printing industry. Why do you think this is, and how do you think this issue could be addressed?

There is indeed a lack of women in the printing industry, which is a real shame! It seems that studio and design roles appeal but there is certainly a dearth of women on the shop floor. I would certainly like to see more women applying for roles, as in my experience (particularly in customer services), the ladies we’ve had working for Acorn have been fantastic assets to our workforce.


How do you think print will continue to survive in a world that is becoming increasingly digital?

The industry has obviously contracted over the last few years due to companies tightening their belts and digital marketing being seen as a ‘cheaper’ alternative. What I am beginning to see and hear now, is that businesses are finding that e-marketing isn’t having the same impact and are considering print as a stronger alternative. Printers are now very lean and competitive businesses in general and offer very good value for money, and I do believe that people still like something ‘physical and tangible’ to read – particularly when marketing higher-end products.