Q&A with Isaac Goodwin and Hannah Todd

Isaac Goodwin, Student Liaison for Oxford University and Hannah Todd, Student Liaison for Oxford Brookes University


Hannah and Isaac

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Isaac: I'm a finalist at Worcester College, Oxford, studying Theology, who loves (especially old) books and printing.

Hannah:  Hello lovely people. My name is Hannah and I’m in my second year, studying English Language and Publishing. I also work part time at an editorial company called The Writers’ Workshop (which is fab and I love it). When I’m not doing either of those things I’m probably making my way through a cheesy TV box set with my flatmate or drinking cocktails with friends…


Why did you decide to get involved with SYP Oxford?

Isaac: I'm interested in - well, more than that, determined on - a career in publishing, so getting involved with SYP seemed like a great way to find out more about the industry, especially as a university student in a city with such a huge publishing presence. It's great to meet people who are in the roles I'd hope one day to be filling.

Hannah: Our lecturers are always encouraging us to get involved with work experience and I found the SYP Oxford on one of my position finding missions. I’d been browsing their social media pages and website when I saw that whilst there were a few people in the positions of Oxford Liaison people, there weren’t any for Brookes. I applied straight away and everyone was so lovely and welcoming. (I was super nervous turning up to the first meeting!) It’s a great opportunity and I’d recommend anyone who’s interested to get in touch.


What interests you about publishing?

Isaac: For me, it's all about the physical book. What I think makes publishing worthwhile as an industry is that it actually produces something concrete, that people want. That process, of creating a publication, seems to me deeply satisfying. The same can apply to e-books, even if these are a bit less exciting because you don't get to see them all stacked up and ready to go... But then, it's also exciting to watch the entire industry responding to the greatest invention since the printing press.


Isaac – you’re in your final year of uni – what’s the next step?

The most immediate thing on my mind is a summer internship with OUP, which I feel very privileged to have been given (and obviously looking forward to seeing high summer in Oxford). After that, it's looking to get a job anywhere that'll take me. So do let me know...


And Hannah, where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What's the publishing dream?

Hannah: In five years I’ll have (hopefully!) been in the industry for a couple of years. The end goal is to be a literary agent, but in five years’ time I’d be over the moon with an assistant role with the chance to start my own list on the horizon… Fingers crossed but watch this space!