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Meet the new SYP Committee

February Round up!

Book Club:
The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

We all agreed that it was an interesting read, although there was some discussion over the author’s subtle writing style. Some felt the author was too indirect – significant events or motifs tend to be suggested rather than described, so that the reader has to guess what is going on. However others liked the emphasized element of ‘show’ over ‘tell’, and found it added to the fictionalising of the real life story the book is based on.

Lit Fest Feast: Behind the Scenes at Litery Festivals

Matt Holland, Founder and Director of Swindon Literature Festival and Jenny Dee, Director of Chipping Norton Literary Festival, gave an indepth talk about the challenges facing Literary Festivals today. Discussing organisation, author fees, timings and marketing, we learnt about the time and dedication it takes to put on a Literary Festival.

It's not something you do as a hobby, and don't expect to get rich quick.

SYP Book Swap

We laughed, we chatted and we drank. Book Swap was a great success with a fantastic turnout. There was a vast variety of books - and drinks - for the taking and everyone got stuck in. Everyone ended up with a new book to read (or three) and were introduced to titles they never would have thought to look at before.We can't wait for the next one!

Upcoming events

Austen's Women

Thirteen of Jane Austen’s heroines come to life in this bold revisiting of some of literature’s most celebrated works.

Tickets: £13, £11 from www.ticketsoxford.com or 01865 305305.
The Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ | www.oldfirestation.org.uk

Book Club:
Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami

The Elephant Vanishes is a collection of 17 short stories. The stories mesh normality with surrealism, and focus on painful issues involving loss, destruction, confusion and loneliness. Join us 7th March 6:30

2020: A Publishing Odyssey

The three break-out strands will include:The Hunger Games: Hunting for Publishing Jobs
A Tale for the Time Being: Publishing Now
Divergent: Where is it All Going?

Tickets are available NOW on Universe so grab them before it's too late!