Company Membership

Company membership of the SYP is a method of providing all the benefits of being a member of the Society of Young Publishers with discounts of up to 30%. We offer two membership packages to companies who wish to sign up for company membership, with four tiers of discounts, giving you as an employer or education provider the best possible value for money. Whether a large multinational company, or simply a small new independent publisher, we’re sure we’ll have a package to suit you.


It’s hard work in today’s publishing industry. As someone in a more junior position in your company – perhaps an editorial assistant or marketing executive – or a student keen to break into the industry – how do you get to learn more about the industry as a whole? The publishing process: how does a book get published? What is BIC? How does production work? Authors, agents and editors: what do they do? We often hear from students and junior members of staff who are so busy getting their work done, they find it difficult to see the bigger picture, where they fit in and where they wish to go.

This is where the Society of Young Publishers comes in: we are dedicated to providing this type of training and information. We hold monthly meetings where industry experts talk on everything from publicity to distribution, marketing to rights’ selling, and many other aspects of the publishing industry. Meetings are often followed by informal drinks at nearby venues where members can talk with the speakers directly, often gaining unique insight not only from the speakers themselves, but from other members of the society working in similar areas. We are big believers in networking – it’s not just WHAT, but WHO you know – and we aim to provide both.

Not only do we hold monthly meetings and regular social events, but we have a thriving online and in-print community. The SYP Website ( is growing continually – many members write for our monthly newsletter InPrint and we are in the process of making all these articles available online. In addition to this we have recently started commissioning online-only articles (available to members only) providing the best insights into the industry from all levels.


Joining the SYP couldn’t be easier – simply email and we will reply with an application form for membership or any other information you require. Pricing details can be seen below. Of course, should you have any comments or queries regarding the SYP, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Membership Options:

  • For smaller memberships, pay the standard rate of £30.00 per member for the year. This will give you the benefits of having company membership at a price to suit you.
  • For larger memberships, consider one of the packages listed below, each offering a level of discount with up to 30% off the standard membership fee.
  • No matter which option you choose, both packages offer the same high quality networking and training opportunities – the only difference is the price and what is most cost effective for you.

How much?

  • Up to 10 people: £275.00* (equivalent to £27.50pp for 10)
  • Up to 25 people: £600.00* (equivalent to £25.00pp for 25)
  • Up to 50 people: £1000.00* (equivalent to £20.00pp for 50)

* All quoted prices are per person per year, equivalent to less than £2.50 per person per month.