Discounted tickets to BookMachine/Unite event – United, We Publish II: ‘Your Pay – Your Say?’


The SYP have 10 discounted tickets to give away to upcoming event United, We Publish II: Your pay  - your say?, a discussion about pay and conditions for workers in the publishing industry, organised by BookMachine and trade union UNITE. It will be an evening of workshops with food and drink included in the ticket price.

The keynote speaker will be Owen Jones, columnist at The Guardian and author of Chavs: The  Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment – And How They Get Away With It.


Picture: Owen Jones

Other speakers on the night will also include:

  • Tania Hummel, an executive coach and HR professional,
  • Simon Dubbins, Director of International and Research for UNITE
  • Michelle Stanistreet, the first woman general secretary in the National Union of Journalists (NUJ)'s history

SYP UK Chair 2016, Zara Markland, said of the BookMachine/Unite 'United, We Publish' events:

“The previous event in 2015 provided an introduction and an insight into the valuable role trade unions play in publishing and journalism. Everyone at the event I talked to said they really enjoyed learning how the trade union was relevant to their role and that they came away with lots of information and knowledge about their rights in the workplace. I certainly felt personally more empowered, more aware and completely enthused to help improve working conditions within the industry. This event I'm sure will be just as insightful, especially with Owen Jones on board with his first hand knowledge and insight. I can't wait! ”

When? 14 July 2016, 6.30pm
Where? St. Bride's Foundation, London
How much? £15 on the doors, £8 early bird (until 24 June), £5 BookMachine/Unite members/SYP discount (until 14 July)

You have until 14 July to be one of the 10 lucky SYP members to collect your £5 ticket  using the promo code 'SYPFOLKS' 

**Click here to buy your ticket and for more info.**




SYP at London Book Fair 2016

Tuesday 12 April

The SYP are hosting their annual London Book Fair Seminars

4pm-5pm SYP Seminar 'How to Get Into Publishing'
Olympia Room
Find out more

5.30pm-6.30pm SYP Seminar 'How to Get Into Publishing'
Olympia Room
Find out more


Wednesday 13 April

5pm - SYP, Jobs in Books (The Bookseller) and LBF Trailblazers party
EU Comics Bar, within LBF
Find out more

Thursday 14 April

2.30- 5pm - clinic supported by The Publishers Association
Olympia Room
A room full of industry specialists waiting to answer your questions. Time is limited to approximately 5-10 minutes per person, and you will be seen on a first come, first served basis. You can also leave your CV* to be shown to those recruiting after the show, or view the vacancies on our job vacancy noticeboard.
Find out more

Job Vacancy noticeboard & CV advice - HR managers and 3 recruitment agencies (Inspired Selection, Atwood Tate and Redwood)

*Please note, bookcareers will share your CV with NO ONE without the individual knowing who their CV is going to. You will get asked permission every time someone wants to view your CV and also have a chance to update it.

bookcareers are looking for 4 volunteers to help them out on the day - on the afternoon of the event from 2pm to 5.30pm to help out - bookcareers will offer any of the volunteers a complimentary employability consultation with Suzanne Collier (worth £45) to compensate.

6pm - SYP & Jobs in Books London Book Fair Pub Meet
The Cumberland Arms
Find out more

Offers from The Bookseller

Don’t get a Job... make a Job, published by Laurence King, 9781780677460
Don’t Get a Job... Make a Job by Gem Barton offers invaluable advice to creative graduates, with the mantra that if you can’t find an opportunity that you want, then you owe it to yourself to make your own. Includes inspirational examples from those who have forged their own path after graduation.
Readers can get 20% off the book by entering code lbf20 on our website at checkout:

Jobs in Books has teamed up with Kogan Page to offer one lucky reader a set of The Ultimate series
Let us know on the Jobs in Books Facebook page (from Monday) one reason why these books would be useful in aiding you in your search for a job in publishing. We also have five copies of The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing for five runners up. All winners will be chosen by 29th April. Good luck!

Key Stands/Events to look out for

The Bookseller: stand 2C18

Atwood Tate: stand 3B10


'Introduction to Publishing'
Tues 12 April, 9.45-10am

SYP 'How to get into publishing'
Tues 12 April, 4-5pm

SYP 'How to get ahead in publishing'
Tues 12 April, 5.30-6.30pm

Inspired Selection 'Powering publishing'
Weds 13 April, 11.30-12.30pm

'Diversifying the industry'
Weds 13 April, 1-2pm

'What works: gender equality by design'
Weds 13 April, 2.30-3.30pm

SYP/Jobs in Books/LBF Trailblazers party
Weds 13 April, 5pm

bookcareers clinic
Thurs 14 April, 2.30-5pm

SYP/Jobs in Books pub meet
Thurs 14 April, 6pm

SYP opens applications for 2016 Mentor Scheme


'An inspiring new scheme for ambitious young people in publishing!' —Tom Weldon

The Society of Young Publishers is proud to announce the reopening of the SYP Mentor Scheme for 2016! Applications can be made through the Society website by clicking here.

Deadline for applications: Friday 11 March 2016


The scheme will be open to young publishing professionals who are already working in the industry and need advice on how to further advance in their career. To be eligible, prospective mentees will have to meet the following criteria:

  • be an SYP member
  • have an established role in publishing or agenting
  • be able to attend meetings in London

Mentees will be able to apply for the scheme by completing an online application form and providing their CV. All applications will be reviewed by an SYP panel, who will try to pair mentors and mentees as much as possible based on their job description, interest and choices on the application form.


This year we have scrapped the age limit for applications from previous years. Opening up the scheme to members of all ages (there is no age limit to join the Society) who are perhaps career changers or returners is important to us and we believe more diversity in mentoring groups will benefit all.

This year, the SYP will build the streams around areas of interest which the mentees express in their applications, asking candidates to state which areas they are interested in before confirming mentors, in an effort to ensure that the scheme is meeting member’s needs.


Unlike other schemes, instead of being a one-to-one session each SYP mentoring meeting is built around a small group of young publishing professionals (5–10 people per group). Each group is assigned a mentor, a young, dynamic publishing professional who has already achieved a remarkable level of success in his or her career.

Each group will meet their mentor 5/6 times over a period of 6 months, beginning in March. Each mentor will be completely free to organise their mentoring sessions as they see fit. The SYP will support all mentors and can provide a rough outline for the scheme if required.

For any queries regarding the mentor scheme please contact:


Part of the SYP’s mission is to provide tools for young publishing professionals to advance their careers while also expanding their network in the creative industries. The SYP currently provides a wide-ranging series of events and seminars aimed at those who are entering the publishing world for the first time, including a very popular talk at London Book Fair – ‘How to Get into Publishing’.

In 2014 we launched our mentor scheme to address the needs of another group of young publishers – those reaching for the next step in their career. The scheme, whose aim is to provide a set of tools to guide career progress by utilising the experience and expertise of a successful publishing professional and the support of peers, is now renewed for 2016.

Why you should join the SYP…  By Maria Vassilopoulos – Jobs in Books, The Bookseller

I first came into contact with The Society of Young Publishers when a colleague of mine at the publisher I worked for took me to a social. I was nearing my first 10 years working with books by that point but I could still see that it would be worth joining for the networking alone.

The next contact with the London branch of the SYP came when I took up managing Jobs in Books at The Bookseller. I got in touch via email and met with the then chair Lottie Chase. She was finishing her tenue at the top and Helen Youngs was about to take the helm. Both worked in their own time to accommodate me and The Bookseller and we gradually started working together.

Anna Cunnane is current chair for the London vein and has been, like her predecessors full of ideas, great to partner with and as with Lottie and Helen a brilliant contact for me in the future. To be chair of the SYP means to have such vigour and passion for the publishing industry that these three will no doubt go on to do many more amazing things.

For the non-London publishing community there is a Scotland and of course an Oxford branch and they are all incredibly active on social media and organising their own events throughout the year. This really is a place for those that have started out in the publishing world to make those contacts that will last them through their careers, learn via the events and conferences and most importantly be part of a community of not just publishing professionals but also book lovers, bloggers, readers, debaters and new skill learners.

They have their own industry topic-led members magazine called In Print which comes out every quarter and tackles the latest debates and issues in the wider publishing world. Every year the London branch has their swearing-in of a new committee at Stationers Hall in the City of London. Members old and new attend and it’s an evening full of celebrating the previous year and meeting the new team that will work in their own time to bring SYP members value and carry on the tradition.

If you are thinking of joining the Society of Young Publishers, it’s a very good investment and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. I will continue to support and promote events @Jobsinbooks so please follow me and get involved with upcoming events and bring your career in publishing to life.


SYP Conference 2015


Newsletter Conf Banner

We're very excited to present the SYP Conference 2015, happening 21st November 2015 in Oxford! We're looking forward to seeing all of you there.
We'll be sharing news and updates about the conference on our Conference Facebook Page, so remember to 'like' this to learn about the latest developments first!

To get these updates straight to your inbox, sign up to our conference mailing list here.

Details of how to buy tickets will be available very soon, but for now, just save the date!


What is networking and why do we bother with it?

Networking is meeting and talking to people in the same or related industries
that may share common goals or be working on similar projects.
It is not all about how they can help you but how you can build relationships that
are going to be mutually beneficial and hopefully last a long time.
The creative industries are based on having the
right people around you and because so many jobs are based on judgement and
creative flair, personal recommendation counts for a lot. Most publishing jobs
are not advertised and it is no longer viable to sit back and wait for the
opportunities to come to you.
A lot of people are daunted by the prospect of networking but it doesn’t need to
be so stressful. Just having a conversation with one or two people you didn’t
know before counts and it doesn’t always have to be about work! It’s good to
remember that most people will appreciate you speaking to them and publishing
people are generally friendly and open to collaboration.
The SYP exists to provide a support network for young people in publishing to
access jobs, information and networking opportunities. If you join the committee
it provides professional development. Together we can accomplish more than
That’s why I’m delighted that Justine Solomons and Leena Norms are coming to
speak to us about how to get started and become networking stars. Justine has a
background in sales and marketing in technology and she’s a testament to the
power of networking in action. Known as a formidable connector of people she
founded the highly successful Byte the Book network and now works as a
business consultant. She will take you through how to make the most of your
contacts and get you speaking to people by the end of the evening – guaranteed!
Leena Normington also takes her networking skills to a new level. Publicity Mangaer
for Icon Books by day, she is also a popular vlogger with nearly 23k youtube
subscribers and over 5k followers on twitter. Leena shows how communicating
your passions: books, feminism, 20-something life etc. can boost your career and
be a lot of fun.
I hope you’ll join us on Thursday evening from 18:45 at the Island Queen pub in
Islington. Tickets are available here and entry is free for SYP members:

SYP Mentor Scheme 2015

Mentor Scheme logo

“An inspiring new scheme for ambitious young people in publishing!” — Tom Weldon

Part of the SYP’s mission is to provide tools for young publishing professionals to advance their careers while also expanding their network in the creative industries. The SYP currently provides a wide-ranging series of events and seminars aimed at those who are entering the publishing world for the first time, including a very popular talk at London Book Fair – ‘How To Get Into Publishing’. The SYP also organises a similar event for publishing professionals who are trying to move forward from their first job: ‘How To Get Ahead In Publishing’, once again at London Book Fair.

In 2014 we launched a mentor scheme to address the needs of another group of young publishers – those reaching for the next step in their career. The scheme, whose aim was to provide a set of tools to guide career progress, the experience
and expertise of a successful publishing professional and the support of peers is now renewed for 2015.

Unlike other schemes, instead of being a one-to-one session each SYP mentoring meeting is built around a small group of young publishing professionals (5–10 people per group).

Each group is assigned a mentor, a young, dynamic publishing professional who has already achieved a remarkable level of success in his or her career. The mentees are assigned to a specific group based on their job description and
interest, which then allows us to pair them up with a mentor who has experience in that particular field.

The scheme will provide mentoring in the following areas of publishing:
• Editorial
• Digital and Publicity
• Sales and Marketing
• Design and Brand Management
• Author representation
Each group will meet their mentor roughly every two months beginning in March, for a total of five meetings throughout the year. Each mentor will be completely free to organise their mentoring sessions as they see fit. The SYP will provide a rough outline for the scheme.

The scheme will be open to young publishing professionals who are already working in the industry and need advice on how to further advance in their career. To be eligible, prospective mentees will have to meet the following criteria:
• Be an SYP member
• Be under 30 years of age
• Have worked in publishing for at least one year, but no more than five
• Be able to attend meetings in London
Details of how to apply are listed below. All applications will be reviewed by the SYP, who will then select the members of each group.

Confirmed mentors include:
Auriol Bishop, Creative Director at Hodder > Mentor in Design and Brand Management
Sophia Blackwell, Marketing Manager at Kogan Page > Mentor in Marketing and Sales
Tom Chalmers, Founder and Managing Director of Legend Press > Mentor in Marketing and Sales
Laura Summers, Cofounder of BookMachine and Head of Marketing at YUDU > Mentor in Marketing and Sales
Anne Perry, Editor at Hodder & Stoughton > Mentor in Editorial
Hellie Ogden, Agent at Janklow & Nesbit > Mentor in Author representation
Laura Macaulay, Publisher at Daunt Books > Mentor in Editorial
Tom Bonnick, Business Development Manager at Nosy Crow > Mentor in Digital and Publicity

Mentor scheme announcement (social media & trade press)

Mentees recruiting (deadline for application 16th March)
March– November: 4–5 mentor meetings

Christmas party

SYP members under the age of 30, who have been working in publishing for between one and five years, will be able to apply for the scheme by emailing a CV and a short paragraph, explaining why they would like to take part in the scheme and which stream they would like to be considered for, to by 16 March 2015.

Praise from 2014 participants

"The mentor scheme was a great opportunity to get an established insider's perspective on how the art and science of the business work in practical terms. It was also a great forum for frank discussion of the challenges of working on different lists and different houses, and a good chance to learn from the experiences of other early-career editors. The scheme has given me a much better grasp of some of the intangibles of commissioning and has introduced me to some aspects of the business I'd never given enough consideration to before; I think I'm now a better and more clued-in editor for it."

"I enjoyed meeting my peers working in various different areas of publishing and discussing with them how our different companies worked."


Publishing Career Speed Dating – February 25th



Love publishing? Here's your chance to mingle, bat your eyes and whisper sweet nothings to some of the industry's top professionals.

A huge success last year, the SYP's Career Speed Dating event on Wednesday 25th February gives you the chance to meet and chat to publishing professionals who work across  all areas of publishing including agents, editorial, marketing, sales, publicity and digital.

Starting at 7pm at Shillibeer's Bar & Grill, Career Speed Dating is the chance to find out more about the job you have your heart set on.

More information about the event along with the list of publishing professionals attending can be found here.



IPG Spring Conference 2015


The 2015  annual IPG Spring Conference will take place from 4th - 6th March at the Heythorp Park Crowne Plaza hotel in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

The SYP have very kindly been given a free ticket for this conference from the IPG to give to one of our members who has a strong interest in social media. The winner will be required to live tweet and blog about the event so already having a Twitter account and blog is essential. The member should be based in Oxford or able to travel as accommodation is not covered. If you are interested in going to the conference please email

The IPG's flagship event will host a wide range of speakers across more than 25 sessions. These include Sandy Grant (of renowned non-fiction specialist Hardie Grant) who will deliver a keynote speech on the global perspective on the state of independent publishing. Academic publishers will be interested to hear that Ziyad Marar of SAGE Publications will be taking part too, sharing his thoughts on the future for the industry.

Other plenary sessions will also be hugely beneficial to independent publishers. Waterstones chief executive James Daunt, Blackwell’s managing director David Prescott, Foyles’ head of online Mark Thwaite, and representatives fromAmazon will all be taking part, and will no doubt give valuable advice on working with retailers. Phil Ollila of Ingram will add insights into supply chain innovations from the US, while Eric Huang of Made in Me provides advice on digital publishing and branding. The Conference’s closing speaker will be industry icon Peter Usborne, with some thoughts to inspire all independent publishers.

The Conference will also host a wide range of break-outs tailored to the different sectors of publishing in which IPG members operate. Short, sharp and practical-minded sessions will cover themes including marketing, advertising and opportunities for growing business via online retailers, libraries, non-traditional channels, content chunking and multimedia.

The Thursday evening of the Conference features a Gala Dinner to present the ninth IPG Independent Publishing Awards, honouring the very best companies and individuals in the sector. All three days of the event will also provide plenty of opportunities for the IPG’s renowned networking and socialising.

Full details and tickets to the Conference can be found here


Oxford University Press Job Opportunity

Web Marketing Executive

About the Role We are looking for an enthusiastic, organized self-starter with a strong technical aptitude and previous marketing experience, to join us as a Web Marketing Executive. Reporting to the Web & Direct Marketing Manager, within a team of six, you will work on a wide range of web and email marketing activities. You will be in direct contact with over 100 marketers in 6 international offices across the business, so excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential – as is an enthusiasm for working in a fast-paced environment. In partnership the marketing teams, you will bring your previous email and web marketing experience to bear on responsibilities that include:

  • executing email campaigns to hit defined targets
  • setting up discount offers, quizzes, and prize draws and keeping our websites up-to-date with meaningful content to drive sales and loyalty
  • championing best practice and administering training sessions on email and web marketing
  • reporting on the success of our email and web marketing strategy to help inform future activities

About You The ideal candidate will have proven experience in email marketing and/or in updating websites and will demonstrate -

  • excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • high levels of organization and reliability
  • excellent marketing copywriting skills
  • an ability to work individually and as part of a team
  • tenacity, resourcefulness, and an innovative approach
  • an eye for detail
  • an ability to learn quickly
  • excellent IT skills (incl. Microsoft Office)


  • some bookselling/publishing experience
  • some knowledge of basic HTML

Follow this link to apply now >


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