Scooby Goes Walkies

'Those pesky kids!' 'Daphne!' 'Scooooby!'… they cried as the SYP "Scooby Doo" team trooped around the West End on a hot summer evening for the BTBS Walkies. For those unfamiliar with the Walkies, it is one of the most boisterously enjoyable events in the book trade's social calendar. This annual event is a fundraiser for the Book Trade Benevolent Society and involves a sponsored fancy dress walk around publishing houses in the West End. Publishers and organisations along the route set up checkpoints with refreshments, games and music, and there are prizes for the best dressed team and best checkpoint, which are awarded at a special party held at the end of the walk. This year the party was at Tiger Tiger, near Piccadilly Circus.

With each checkpoint vying for first prize, Scooby and the gang were treated to Mojitos (Stanfords), ice cream and Pimms (Foyles), floats (Little, Brown) and chocolate footballs (The Bookseller) to name but a few of the many delights on en route. We met teams dressed as punks (Aurum), Where's Wally lookalikes (Walker Books), medics (Vista) and even the England '66 team (Macmillan) as we wended our way to the finish line at Tiger Tiger – where Scooby Doo showed us just how to make the most of the music.

As ever, the turnout was terrific with hundreds of people taking part in the walk and joining the party. As you can see, the SYP team rose to the occasion – completing the look with the Mystery Machine and Scooby snacks, and all that with zero budget!