London Book Fair 2017

This year’s London Book Fair was another over the top event, with publishers from all around the world exhibiting and the tradition of focusing on a foreign market continuing with Poland. The Society of Young Publishers hosted three events this year at the fair and a post-LBF social. The afternoon started off with a networking event where students and professionals from British universities and publishers met with representatives from the Junge Verlagsmenschen (JVM), our sister-society from Germany. This was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn a little about what publishing in Germany is like.

Our second event ‘How to Get into Publishing’ was aimed at delegates who are looking to get their first job in publishing, with a panel of experienced publishing professionals including Eleanor Helsby, HR Adviser at Hachette, Helen Youngs, Senior Consultant at Inspired Selection, Judith Watts, Senior Lecturer, Kingston University, and Ellie Pike, Resourcing Manager, Penguin Random House. A lot of great tips were given which can be read on Twitter using the hashtag #syppub.

A follow-on from that was the ‘How to Get Ahead in Publishing’, with panellists Nick Barreto, Co-founder of Canelo, Kathryn Taussig, Senior Commissioning Editor at Quercus, and Bryony Woods from Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency Ltd. Some of the best tips to come from that session included promoting yourself through networking, doing the legwork as a junior employee, and taking advantage of any professional development opportunity available. More tips can be read on the hashtag #syphead.

There are plenty of round-ups of all the panel sessions held the fair, so make sure you read the follow-up literature to get an idea of what 2017 was all about. And hopefully see you at Frankfurt!

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