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Emoji quizz - literature


Can you guess the classic novel by the emojis?

  1. Doc1144_Page_01
  2. Doc1144_Page_07
  3. Doc1144_Page_04
  4. Doc1144_Page_09
  5. Doc1144_Page_08
  6. Doc1144_Page_03
  7. Doc1144_Page_02
  8. Doc1144_Page_14
  9. Doc1144_Page_13
  10. Doc1144_Page_15
  11. Doc1144_Page_16
  12. Doc1144_Page_12
  13. Doc1144_Page_05
  14. Doc1144_Page_10
  15. Doc1144_Page_11

Easy right? How many have you actually read?

1.The Catcher and the Rye; 2.Middlemarch; 3.To Kill a Mockingbird; 4.Of Mice and Men; 5.Midnight’s Children; 6.Little Women; 7.Lords of the Flies; 8.The Time Traveller's Wife; 9.The Silent History; 10.Life of Pi; 11.The Old Man and the Sea; 12.A Tale of Two Cities; 13.Dracula; 14.Heart of Darkness; 15.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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