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Last week team SYP headed to Oxford's Art Cafe ready to be inspired by two very innovative and ambitious publishers.

Anna Jean Hughes of Pigeonhole Press came up with her idea out of the tendency for large publishing houses to pigeonhole books into categories rather than selecting books to publish out of sheer passion.

Xander Cansell, head of digital at Unbound is equally passionate about promoting exciting new literature. He told us all about how Unbound works with authors to promote and celebrate their books as well as using crowdfunding to ensure that the books they publish are what their audience really wants to read.

Digital is as important as ever in uniting books with readers. Both Anna and Xander spoke about how vital user analytics are in discovering which books are most widely read and enjoyed by their readers, and it was interesting to learn that most readers of e-books don't make it  beyond page 18!

Of course, innovation was the order of the day and both Anna and Xander spoke passionately about the need to keep innovating in publishing. As Anna pointed out, in digital publishing there is never a point where you can sit back and think that you've made it, there is always more to be done.

What's different about what Xander at Unbound and Anna at Pigeonhole are doing is that they want to "publish books that sing" and to "keep innovating".

Thanks so much to Anna and Xander for coming along to talk to us - we learnt a lot about what it takes to put your ideas into practice and how digital can be a great tool to unite authors with publishers, and readers with books!

See you at the next event!

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