What is networking and why do we bother with it?

Networking is meeting and talking to people in the same or related industries
that may share common goals or be working on similar projects.
It is not all about how they can help you but how you can build relationships that
are going to be mutually beneficial and hopefully last a long time.
The creative industries are based on having the
right people around you and because so many jobs are based on judgement and
creative flair, personal recommendation counts for a lot. Most publishing jobs
are not advertised and it is no longer viable to sit back and wait for the
opportunities to come to you.
A lot of people are daunted by the prospect of networking but it doesn’t need to
be so stressful. Just having a conversation with one or two people you didn’t
know before counts and it doesn’t always have to be about work! It’s good to
remember that most people will appreciate you speaking to them and publishing
people are generally friendly and open to collaboration.
The SYP exists to provide a support network for young people in publishing to
access jobs, information and networking opportunities. If you join the committee
it provides professional development. Together we can accomplish more than
That’s why I’m delighted that Justine Solomons and Leena Norms are coming to
speak to us about how to get started and become networking stars. Justine has a
background in sales and marketing in technology and she’s a testament to the
power of networking in action. Known as a formidable connector of people she
founded the highly successful Byte the Book network and now works as a
business consultant. She will take you through how to make the most of your
contacts and get you speaking to people by the end of the evening – guaranteed!
Leena Normington also takes her networking skills to a new level. Publicity Mangaer
for Icon Books by day, she is also a popular vlogger with nearly 23k youtube
subscribers and over 5k followers on twitter. Leena shows how communicating
your passions: books, feminism, 20-something life etc. can boost your career and
be a lot of fun.
I hope you’ll join us on Thursday evening from 18:45 at the Island Queen pub in
Islington. Tickets are available here and entry is free for SYP members: