Reserve a copy of the SYP’s 60th Anniversary Book

We are very excited to announce that the SYP's 60th anniversary book will be launched during this autumn.  The society was born in the embers of the Second World War, by a former army officer who wanted to help his fellows progress and innovate in an industry that did not have an agreed training structure, since publishing at that time was still very much a gentleman’s profession.  

Within the pages of this book, gain an insight into:
- How generations of young publishers have dealt with the problems of their time and rose to the challenge, and how women rose to the top in publishing
- The stories and debates behind the abolishment of the Net Book Agreement
- How telecommunications and technology have revolutionised our industry and working practices.  
- The many SYP highlights, from the founding of one of the world’s most prestigious literary prizes first float at one of our speaker meetings, to the times when society has come close to collapse.
- The book will contain articles and photos from the whole of the society's history.

We have been poring decades’ worth of material from the Society's journal inPrint, in our bid to fully archive the SYP for the first time.  We’ve discovered much that has raised our eyebrows, made us laugh, and proud, to be part of such a great society.  It's been great to see how many prestigious publishers have learnt the ropes of the business from being SYP members, along with the many that have shared their insights at our events or in interviews.

The book will provide a valuable insight into today’s publishing industry, as it undergoes the digital revolution.  Indeed, it will be published by the SYP with Print on Demand technology, with the support of our book sponsors Lightning Source. We’re eager to find out more and get your input, so please visit our SYP-60 website and share with us your publishing stories, photos and memories.

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