is relaunching its unemployment register

The CV Clearing House originally started out as the industry's unemployment register, where those who are losing their jobs or who wish to join the industry, can register for free and all employers know instantly where to find them.   In recent years those wishing to change their jobs or seek a change of direction within the industry have been welcomed too.   There are online profiles written about most of the candidates, which is backed up by a search facility which enables employers to search by skills - language skills, IT skills and Publishing Skills - right down to the kind of skills that someone uses in their day to day job.
If you are an employer and you see a candidate from an online profile you are interested in, will put you in touch with them for free.  For the time being searches are free although it is envisaged to charge a nominal fee in the future, with a percentage of the fee going to the BTBS, the SYP and WIP.

To register with the CV Clearing House as either an employer or candidate please visit
For further information, contact Suzanne Collier - or via 0208 550 8023.  You can see the whole of's press release at:

You can view the CV Clearing House on