Career Success in Publishing slides

Publishing Career Success: 'Choice or Chance?'

How do you get started in publishing? And how do you develop a long and successful career? You could not ask for two better qualified people to answer these questions than Giles Clark and Nicholas Jones, who jointly hosted this workshop at the recent SYP Careers Conference.
Nicholas Jones kindly sent us his slides from his presentation about how to get ahead in a thriving and competitive industry and how to keep momentum in your career, whichever sector you work in.

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Nicholas Jones

Nicholas is the Founder/Director of Strathmore Publishing Ltd. After reading science at university and working in a bookshop in the vacs, he expected to go into scientific publishing, but found himself instead copy-editing Dick Francis and books about dogs and flying at Michael Joseph. In subsequent years he worked with television tie-ins (both books and sound recordings) at Thames Television (then the London company within ITV), and then ran the publishing and bookselling operations at the Royal Institute of British Architects for nine years. In 1995 he set up Strathmore Publishing to provide editorial and production services for publishers of both printed and audio books. Now nine strong, with offices and its own recording studio in Clerkenwell, London EC1, Strathmore produces eighty audio books and about a dozen printed books each year, for clients ranging from the Hachette and Random House Groups and the British Library to a small religious publisher. He was Chair of the SYP, he is startled to realise, more than a quarter of a centruy ago.