SYP Picnic – A Sunshine Update!

Like many of you, I’m sure, we’ve been watching the weather forecast warily to predict how conditions will favour us for Saturday’s annual SYP picnic. Understandably, we need to be decisive at an earlier stage as possible to help each of us make plans for the day. According to forecasts we may be in for some luck; there is no rain currently scheduled for Saturday and the chance even for a great deal of sunshine. As such we have decided to press ahead with the event as planned and hope many of you will join us for what is always a great, relaxing way to meet others in the SYP (under sun, we hope!!)

Pimms and games will be provided; we only ask you bring some food and drink provisions to add to the effort and the result should be plenty for all to go around. Friends and those interested in joining the SYP are welcome to come along!

If, by some merciless twist of the weather, conditions turn against us, there will be a back-up venue in the form of one of the local pubs near Hyde Park. We will send out a message via the usual channels by tomorrow at the latest if this looks likely to happen. There are also a handful of numbers for Committee members you can contact on the day to find out for sure. These you can find on the event link here. But all signs are pointing towards picnic as planned! You can click on the BBC's weather link here to keep yourself updated on the skies.

The location is near the Boathouse; click here for a map. Again, take one of our numbers down to help find us – we look forward to welcoming you there!