I saw this and was Lost for Words!

‘Never mind the fact that he’s diligent, Daisy!’ scolded Heidi, ‘Has the fact that he’s completely stunning somehow escaped your attention? Do you not see? This is a breakthrough for publishing! The very idea that a non-freaky, presumably heterosexual male, without scales all over his body, and with no visible warts, would want to work here? This is amazing thing for the industry! I’m serious. I think we should call the Society of Young Publishers immediately and have them make an announcement.’

Lost for Words Copyright © 2007 Lorelei Mathias

I was excited to see the SYP mentioned in Lorelei Mathias’s new novel Lost for Words. Lorelei’s second book is a brilliant view into the publishing world. Everyone will recognise the dullness of work experience, the low pay and the lack of eligible men alongside all the good stuff including the passion for books and the varied work we all get to be involved in. Lorelei used to work for Random House as a copywriter, so the description of publishing is spot on. Plus it’s the perfect beach read (that’s if you are lucky enough to get away from the rain this “summer”!).

Find out more about Lost for Words and Lorelei at: www.loreleimathias.com

SYP Membership Secretary Claire Morrison